One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines just write your name, the 1D member you want in your imagine, and the situation you want


4. Niam and Louis

Hi my name is Niam Tomlinson.Yup that's right Louis Tomlinson is my husband.And we have a set of twins called Nyam and Louie.We are expecting a child again but we don't know the gender we are going to the hospital to go check if the baby is healthy and what gender it is. ~at the hospital~ "Lou what do you think the gender is" "Don't know I don't really mind"."Same"."Niam Tomlinson" here we go.~when we left the hospital~."Yay were having a girl"."What name are gonna pick I was thinking Lauie"."Omg me too Lou"."I love you Louis"."I love you too Niam".

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