One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines just write your name, the 1D member you want in your imagine, and the situation you want


2. Karlea and Liam (secret lovebirds)

My name is Karlea Styles.Yes I am thee Harry Styles little sister.I am also the girlfriend of Liam Payne but nobody knows that yet.Everybody doesn't know because I know someone will end up telling Harry and I just can't stand it when we fight.So I'm not gonna tell him.The boys are coming over to my house today and I want to look good for Liam but not to good I don't Harry to suspect anything.I applied a little biting make up and a pair of sweatpants.I could here people talking downstairs so I presume the boys are here.I casually walk down the stairs and take a seat next to Niall.They begin to talk about their new album but I don't really listen I'm just concentrating on Liam.Harry asked me to go upstairs to my room and get him the DVD selection from my room so I went up and got them.When I was about to leave my room with the DVDs someone knocked on my door."Come in" I said.When the door opened Liam stood there."Hey babe" he said sweetly."Hi LiLi,what's up"."I just couldn't sit down there and not kiss you".I was about to say something but them i forgot because Liam just started to kiss me.Don't get I absolutely adore Liam's kisses so much but I can't kiss hhim here Harry will find out.But I didn't say anything to Liam.He deepens the kiss and it got even more passionate.He then pushed me down on my bed and started to kiss my neck.Just then Harry walked in."Hey Karlea did you get-what the actual fuck are you doing on top of my sister Liam".Oh shit.Harry then peeled Liam off of me and shove him up against the wall and started to punch and strangle him."Harry your gonna hurt him get of my boyfriend".Oh shit I wasn't meant to say that."Your what"."Yeah that's right we're boyfriend and girlfriend whether you like it or not"."Well I don't like it so its not happening okay Karlea"."I'll think you'll find it is Harry".Harry then let go of Liam's shirt and Liam walked over to me and stood beside me.He then held my hand."How long has this been going on for"."About two and a half months".Harrys face was really re."Please Harry before you get angry just remember this makes me happy,it makes me and Liam happy"."Harry I know your not okay with this but I promise I won't do anything whatsoever to hurt your sister and if I do you have every right to hurt me in anyway"."Gladly Liam,gladly okay I suppose I can't stop love sooooo you's two can be together".I was so happy then Liam and I kissed."But please none of that in my face.......ever"."Okay Harry".Then we went back downstairs and watched lots of movies the boys stayed in my house that night on the sofa.Louis and Zayn were on one couch.Harry and Niall on the second couch and me and Liam on the third one.I was so happy with my life right now and I hope mine and Liam's relationship stays together.


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