One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines just write your name, the 1D member you want in your imagine, and the situation you want


5. Abby and Harry

Hi my name is Abby.Harry Styles is my boyfriend and the father of my baby that is due tomorrow."Abby"."Harry"."Will you come to my last concert of the year tomorrow"."Harry of course ill go"."Thanks so much"."No probs babe".~At the concert~ The boys were about to sing their last song and I felt something flow out of me.Oh shit my water just broke.I grabbed Eleanor and told her that my water broke.Harry saw me leave and he ran off the stage and drive me and Eleanor to the hospital.~5 painful hours later~ "Congratulations you are blest with a healthy baby girl".I could my feel my eyes start to water and so did Harry's."I'm do proud of you"he said."No I'm proud of us".  

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