I can see him. I take in his sharp, handsome features. I can feel him. I touch his soft, warm skin and let his my hand trace his jaw-line. I can hear him. I hear his deep, raspy, honey-like voice. If I can see him, hear him, and feel him, why can't anybody else?


1. It feels like the first time.

Kat's POV

My hands grip my over-the-shoulder handbag tightly as I catch the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. Snow, fair skin, dark lucious curls. Perfect, straight, and blinding smile. I have never seen this figure before. Ever. I realize I am biting my bottom lip and quickly release it from the firm, sharp hold. My muscles tense as the handsome man's eyes meet mine. I hold my breath for the longest time. He has beautiful, green eyes and long, curled eyelashes. His face almost looks sensitive. He makes his way towards me and I can't keep my eyes off of his full, pink lips. He smiles, the lips becoming thinner and longer. I smile back, never wanting to be rude. His smile dissapears and his expression becomes intense. His thick eyebrows dig together as he continues to stare at me, taking in all my features.

"You see me, don't you?" He asks. I am shocked. Why wouldn't I be able to see him? After all, he is right in front of me. I slowly nod, confused. Taking in this gesture, happiness seems to take over his face and he reaches towards my skin. I let his large hand brush againt my cheek, my neck, my shoulder, my arm. Until he reaches my hand. He grabs it and plays with my fingers. His hands are surprisingly smooth and soft, as if he's never really touched much. I look around and notice that people are staring. Have they never seen two normal people holding hands? The boy looks nervous and leans down and whispers in my ear, "I have to go. I hope we'll meet again soon." He winks, turns around, and walks out the school's large, double doors, leaving me astonished, wanting more. My best friend, Rebecca walks up behind me.

"What just happened?" She asked, taking my shoulder and turning me around so that I am facing her.

"What do you mean? The new kid was just trying to be friendly. He probably wants to make new friends." I answer with a shrug.

"Um, Kat, have you lost your mind? Nobody was there. You were standing there with your hand held out, looking like you were witnessing an angel or something." All I could do was breathe slowly and process what just came out of my best friend's mouth. Was this the reason that the stranger asked if I could see him? Surely, everybody else could see him. Was Rebecca the only one, or was he invisible to someone else, too? Is this why they were staring? I look down at the hand I just let the new kid study. It suddenly hit me. All those questions suddenly answered themselves in my brain. He was studying my skin as if he had never seen a human before. He asked me if I could see him. Rebecca couldn't see him and niether could probably the rest of the human race. What was this stranger and why was I the only one who could witness his beautiful features?


Harry's POV

I walk silently down the streets of my torn up neighborhood. It's such a dump. It's honestly the most crackhead place I have ever seen in my existance. I hear people calling it the hood every now and then. I hear people all the time. I see people. I long for people. I am so lonely in this world. I wish people could see and hear me the same way I do them. Altough, there was that one girl I met today at the high school on the other side of town. She could see me. She responded to me as if she could hear my voice and feel my touch. Could she? I think back to the same question I keep thinking, multiple times, everyday. What will and can make me normal? Make me a human. I hate being non-existant to the world. I want to be loved. I want to go to high school and get a job. I want to have a normal life. Be a normal teenager. But I'm not, so there's no use in fantasizing over it. I'm screwed up. I want somebody to find me.

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