The Hunger Games

One Direction and their special girls are in the Hunger Games! Harry, Hannah, Niall, Riley, Liam, Haleigh, Zayn, Perrie, Louis and Eleanor fight for survival against seven other districts. They know that only one tribute can survive. Until a special rule change they had no hope. All together can they make it or will the be sent to the doors of death?


5. THEY Came


"Turn around slowly." Someone said from behind us. They were holding swords to our throats.

"Oh my god! the carriers!" Louis said in shock.

That's when they came.

"Leave them alone!" Screamed some girl. She sounded familiar. 

             The carriers slowly backed away. Then a cannon shot and they stumbled, running back to their camp. They will be back. But for now we have to worry about who is in front of us. We looked and saw Zayn doubled over in pain. He was bleeding from a big gash on his stomach. Then we realized that Niall, Harry, Hannah, Riley and Perrie were there too. I took the girls and Zayn inside. Good thing Riley and Niall grabbed a first aid kit. When I came back outside Harry was staring at something in the tree.


"Those are Tracker Jackers."


"They are a type of bee that stings you until you die."

"Oh."I said weakly.

That's when Niall and Louis decided to go in our tree hut and we followed.



              As soon as we saw Zayn come in and take his shirt off I knew the carriers hurt him.

"What happened Zayn?" Questioned Haleigh.

             "The carriers chased us until we all split up and climbed in to trees. I ended up failing to climb my tree and Cato hit me with the blade of his sword." He explained quickly.

Then Niall, Louis, Liam and Harry came in.

"Will he be okay to keep going or....." Harry trailed off.

"He should be fine by tomorrow morning."

"Okay. Tomorrow we keep moving. Do we all agree on an alliance?" Louis said taking charge.

-Game Makers-

              "Four cannons and the following tributes names should go off. Starting.....Now. One, two, three, four. Okay now show their names. Nadir, Abiona, Xioa and Bane.



                We were all starting to fall asleep when we heard cannons. "One...Two...Three...Four. Four people dead in one hour. Yikes! I'm happy we are together and we WILL stay together too."

"Yes we will!" Everyone agreed.

Soon everyone was sleeping a dreamless slumber.

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