The Hunger Games

One Direction and their special girls are in the Hunger Games! Harry, Hannah, Niall, Riley, Liam, Haleigh, Zayn, Perrie, Louis and Eleanor fight for survival against seven other districts. They know that only one tribute can survive. Until a special rule change they had no hope. All together can they make it or will the be sent to the doors of death?


8. Poor Glimmer


         Everyone was surprised to see Rue and Katniss helping Riley. Then we heard screaming. Glimmer was running around like a maniac, screaming at the top of her lungs.

         "AHHHH! CATO! HELP!" Then she just dropped dead. The woods were silent until we hear... Peeta?



          "Katniss get out of here! What are you doing? GO, GO, GO!" Peeta yells at me.

          "Move out!" I yell to everyone in the trees. "Oi, and Peeta, I believe I still need to kick yo ass from the whole star-cross lovers thing. But, I think I'll leave it to Cato." Louis and Harry help me tie Peeta to a tree and run off.

          "Katniss!" Peeta screams angrily back at us.

          "EVERYONE RUN!" I yelled. We headed down a narrow ridge and came to a halt.

           "Um.. Katniss.. I'm stuck in the mud!" Perrie yells.

           "Okay.. Um.. Zayn and Louis, pull her out. It's that simple."

           "Well then." Perrie mumbles. Zayn and Louis pry her out of the mud, and then fall on her in the mud. I start laughing hysterically.

           "Help!" She giggled.

           This time Eleanor and Haleigh helped her get out of the mud. Still laughing, we came to the cornacopia. "OH NO!" I whisper yell. We just witnessed the making of a toy for the games makers. A BRONZE FREAKING DRAGON!


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