The Hunger Games

One Direction and their special girls are in the Hunger Games! Harry, Hannah, Niall, Riley, Liam, Haleigh, Zayn, Perrie, Louis and Eleanor fight for survival against seven other districts. They know that only one tribute can survive. Until a special rule change they had no hope. All together can they make it or will the be sent to the doors of death?


3. Costumes


        Everybody is getting pictures of their costumes today! I wonder if they will like them?



        Our costumes aren't that bad. I guess. I have to wear a tight-fitting space suit to represent technology. I think I rather get slaughtered.

      Liam has to wear an orange spacesuit which I much rather be wearing than a white and blue skimpy space suit.


      Our freaking costumes make us look like were on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean! I am in a skimpy little pirate outfit while Zayn looks like a very weird pirate.


             Our costumes make us look like race car drivers! I don't like them but Harry seems happy. I am in this skimpy outfit while Harry is in an actual race car drivers outfit! No wonder he doesn't mind.


           I can't believe our costumes! I have to wear a dress that makes me look like I am one-million or so years old! Niall thinks his costume is funny looking because he has to wear a weird tux.


              Our costumes aren't great, but we will manage. I am in this skimpy little pink cowgirl outfit with high heel boots and a straw hat. Louis is in overalls and a button-down red plaid shirt with work boots and a matching straw hat.


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