The Hunger Games

One Direction and their special girls are in the Hunger Games! Harry, Hannah, Niall, Riley, Liam, Haleigh, Zayn, Perrie, Louis and Eleanor fight for survival against seven other districts. They know that only one tribute can survive. Until a special rule change they had no hope. All together can they make it or will the be sent to the doors of death?


2. Authors Note

Sorry that the chapter was so short. I am also in the process of making One Direction Imagines so if you want one just give me your name/likes and dislikes/eye and hair color/who u want to be with.



            -Haybear :)


Oh and if u really like this fan fic the early access code is: f4d5c96d-abab-4232-a9d9-a54bbfee7dfc.

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