Luke Woods Mission1: Hunted

This is a agent book about a 13 year old boy called Luke that becomes a agent. He learns a lot about his Father. He is being hunted down by the enemy's of his father and maybe his father himself.


3. Welcome To MI10

This wasn't MI9 or anything it was the newest agent base there was and it was called MI10, at least that was what Mark told Luke. It was at least a few hours ago since Luke had seen Mark and Luke was feeling a bit sad not to see him as much. It was 8:30pm and Luke was lying in bed for a early night while Liam was reading a few comics about superman. He was up all night because of the rain and thunder outside, he got up at around 11:45 and had a glass of water. How was Luke going to get to sleep with a busy day tomorrow with all this training.

Liam was changed in his uniform and it was a Saturday morning. "I'm getting breakfast, are you coming", Asked Liam.

"No I'm still tired I'll be there soon". Liam left the room and locked the door then a few minuets later there was a loud bang on the door. Luke got changed into his dressing gown quickly and opened the door. Stood at the door was Mark dressed in a bright yellow top and blue jeans.

"Are you coming, we get put in our teams today red or blue" Spoke Mark loudly. He turned around and walked ahead while Luke was left to get changed into any clothes that he had. He walked down the corridor and he turned right to see a massive hall with tables fall of children and teenagers about ages 12 and up. He noticed Mark sat with a kid and Liam who was sat with a girl. Luke walked over to them and Liam stood up and greeted the girl to him.

"This is Lucy, she is a friend from my school before we came here, and this is Ethan", explained Liam. Lucy was long haired colored with bright blonde, and Ethan was a ginger little boy, probably the smallest out of them all. The man that pulled Luke down here walked over to a stand with a mike on it, he coughed and spoke into the mike. This was the first time Luke herd him speak.

"Attention everyone this is your Headmaster of MI10, and I'm here to put you in your teams, so would Ethan Corner like to step up please. Ethan looked back scared and walked closer to the Headmaster as he got closer he noticed the man had a little beard that looked like it was just shaved. The Headmaster gave Ethan a piece of paper with three questions on it.

Question 1. What do you fear the most? Ethan wrote: Werewolves. and the he thought about it and thought yes.

Question 2. What friend are you? Ethan wrote: Protector.

Question 3. What are you best with? there were so many choices for these questions and Ethan wrote: Ak47. He didn't know yet but he thought this. Ethan stepped aside and the Headmaster knew exactly what colour to put him in. "OK you need to be in blue",He shouted out to everyone. These are the colours of the teams you will practice with when for training. After a few other people went up Lucy was blue and Liam was red, leaving Mark as red to. Luke was finished and stepped aside as the Headmaster shouted out "Blue". It was what Luke wanted but he wasn't with Mark or Liam, at least he had Ethan and Lucy. Everyone left the hall and went off to do what they wanted, whilst waiting for training.         

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