Luke Woods Mission1: Hunted

This is a agent book about a 13 year old boy called Luke that becomes a agent. He learns a lot about his Father. He is being hunted down by the enemy's of his father and maybe his father himself.


4. The Library

That evening Luke had dinner in the hall with Ethan, and he asked where Lucy was. Ethan just said nothing and was playing with a pen that turns into a a key when you click the end, the key could fit through anything like the kitchen and other places it was so small."Where should we go, there's to much to explore" Asked Luke. Ethan put down the pen and asked to go to the courtyard, that was a great place to practice fighting skills or doing homework. Luke walked on Ethan's right side on the way to the courtyard, they were finally there and thought about watching people practice fighting for future missions.

On the other side of the base Liam and Mark were in Shooting Practice, they all had practice guns that shoot out empty paintball bullets, it was just like the real thing, with a gun and survival. 

"Welcome to Shooting Practice, now you all get into teams so red team on my right, and blue on my left", Spoke the teacher, he didn't say his name he just got on with it. He walked over to a wall with a keypad next to it and typed in a number so nobody could see it. The wall slid open and the teacher walked in followed by the students, there were 10 per team in this practice test. Liam was in charge of his team and stood out front behind a rock and took cover, there were snipers on the blue team in an old building that they must have prepared for training, the teacher stood back out the arena and blew the whistle. A boy on the blue team ran out looking for the red team and he got shot in the face by Liam, The boy walked off and thought the bullets weren't suppose to hurt, at least they weren't real. The snipers all fired at Liam at the same time and Mark came running up but got hit before he could move. 

"GET INSIDE", Shouted Liam. Everyone on the red team took cover inside a hand built cave. A smoke bomb was thrown inside and everyone fell to the ground but Liam saw there were two thrown at them but one didn't burst, he threw it back instantly and wiped out all the snipers. Liam went to check for any survivors, he crawled out and looked up to the leader of blue team, the boy took out a fake pistol and and shot him in the neck. It had water in it and Liam's neck was dripping wet.

Liam walked down the corridor and walked into Luke who had a black eye and holding a icepack in his hands."What happened to you, who did this" Liam was worried.

"Nothing it was an accident, i hate him". Luke sat down on the chair in front of the TV at there room, Liam was told everything and knew it was Lewis, he was a nasty boy and wanted to win everything. Liam was also told it just happened, know he realized the boy that finished him off was Lewis at shooting practice.

The next day they were all sat in the hall when Lucy said she was going back to the library, Luke went with her and so did Ethan whilst Liam was making a plan to get revenge on Lewis in his room. They walked past the hospital and Luke stopped off there for a while to see Mark while Lucy and Ethan went ahead. Luke noticed Mark at the end of the room in the hospital."What happened to you" said Luke.

"Same to you", he replied.

"A boy named Lewis, we got in a fight"

"Really, well i got knocked out by REAL smoke, it was suppose to be fake", He laughed and waved by to Luke who was leaving, a women came over to Mark and started explaining stuff to him. Luke manged to catch up with Ethan and Lucy who were sat down reading a book together. Luke walked over and Ethan had his head on the table while Lucy looked up at Luke and showed him the book, it was about these master criminals and what they did to get to prison. Luke sat next to them and flicked the book and stopped at a picture of a man, with black hair and wore black  glasses on so you couldn't see his eyes. It said underneath the picture that he was a murderer, Luke recognized the man as if he seen him before, and he remembered it was the man following him home.     


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