Luke Woods Mission1: Hunted

This is a agent book about a 13 year old boy called Luke that becomes a agent. He learns a lot about his Father. He is being hunted down by the enemy's of his father and maybe his father himself.


7. Survival Island

Luke woke up early and saw Mark had already left it was 6:35am and he needed to be ready by 7:00. Luke got changed quickly and had toast and crunched it fast, he ran down to see that the Captain was waiting for the car and waved by to Mark at the time. Luke came running down to see Mark leave and waved bye, Luke then asked if the car was almost here. The Captain said it was to early for it to be here and so Luke went and packed the rest of his things. Then time flew by so fast that Luke wasn't ready for the car, so the Captain helped him out by carrying some of his things."You didn't have to bring so much you know",said the Captain. He walked to the car and Put the luggage and suitcases into the boot of the car. Luke finally came down and ran into the car.

They were at a car park far outside of London to far to run back and there was certainly no Turing back now. Luke got out the car and saw boat hire here sign in this little shack. The Captain was already there hiring one and put in the water. Luke got in with his gadgets hidden and the Captain didn't climb inside with him. "I'm afraid this is as far as i can go, it's up to you now Luke", the Captain walked away and waved by, but Luke didn't wave back he just frowned and turned at the island. Luke was bored and he just remembered why he was going to this island it was visible from the car park so it wasn't that secret. Luke wished he could have some help on this. Finally the boat arrived at the island and there was a man in fully Armour with a pistol in his pocket and a shotgun on his back. Luke felt like crying but knew he couldn't and that he will be all right. The man spoke to him and walked him to the main building where there was more men like him.

Ellie's POV.

She was secretly on Survival Island as well as Luke, she watched him looking around the main building and walking inside. She crept over trees and jumped them from one to another. Finally Luke came out the Main building with some Armour, they must of thought he was training with them as well as part of the. MI10 knew about this happening and they would believe that Luke was part of them. Ellie went to craw down to him when a loud speaker called out" THE TRAINING WILL BEGIN NOW", She looked worried and swooped down to grab Luke out of there, as she did Luke screamed as he fell rolling down a hill to near a hole in the ground.

Luke woke up and saw Ellie starring at him and she said "Luke come on follow me". Luke followed her and went down the hole in the ground. There were stairs inside that must be hidden, a man was walking down the tunnel and got closer to them Luke stopped and Ellie pulled out a hidden gun that was in her pocket it was a pistol like Luke's and Luke checked for his and his was still there, so she didn't take it and she must be working for MI10 as well. She aimed high and out of darkness the man appeared, Luke closed his eyes and Ellie shot with here eyes closed. She opened them and the man was dead she gave Luke the shotgun and she kept the pistol. The man was from the boat platform. They heard another speaker call out "THIS ISN'T TRAINING, THERE SHOULD BE MORE KILLING", everyone heard the angry man storm out the main building and they all heard and saw a machine gun into the air and it was getting closer to them as if he saw the Man. Ellie ran away and turned around to see Luke standing still in front of the Man.

"You killed him", Argued Luke. The man had no time for talking and he pointed the gun at Luke in seconds Luke fell to the ground and the man picked him up dropped him and kicked him he fell back down the stairs whilst not breathing and trying to speak but couldn't. He then heard before closing his eyes that,

"London will be first to fall into my hands with this army otherwise they all die together. Ellie was crying and pulled the tooth brush with a click the button was flashing red and thousands of helicopters came out of know where men climbing down ladders getting to the Island ground. The Man escaped on a speedboat with two Hench men beside him. Luke was finished...       

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