Luke Woods Mission1: Hunted

This is a agent book about a 13 year old boy called Luke that becomes a agent. He learns a lot about his Father. He is being hunted down by the enemy's of his father and maybe his father himself.


6. London

It was around 7:30 when Luke turned back and saw everything he just got used to, he hoped to see it again if he survives. He walked up to the lift where Jenny was waiting and she gave him a few gadgets. The first was a pen that Ethan had been playing with, it turns into any type of key. The second was can of coke and inside it was tracking device it could see any secret passages in the whole building. The last was a pistol to hide if he was in any trouble but then Jenny gave him one more thing a toothbrush with a little button on the end which was sealed up, when you press the button the soldiers would come and burst in to get him out. Luke walked up to the tube lift and stood inside and turned around, he waved to Jenny as he went up to ground with a soldier, he was Captain of the team, they reached the ground and were in an old broken house. The tube went back down and Luke stepped outside the building, he took at deep breath of fresh air and stepped out into the world once again. across the road was a underground train station, they headed down the steps and bumped into a lot of people, Captain was separated from Luke and looked for him."LUKE", Yelled the Captain. Out of nowhere Luke appeared in front of the Captain and they both stood right at the doors of their train, they both entered and took a seat near the door. Luke checked his pockets for his watch, he found it and put it on his right wrist."Special watch is that",said the Captain. Luke nodded and showed him the watch he flicked the button on the side of it and the button flipped open,the button was a fake it was only a cover for the lazer that shoots out when you push the button in. A women next to Luke looked at him strangely, Luke looked back and had a glimpse at her for a second. She looked away and took out her phone. Luke was wondering if she new him or not, he tried to fall asleep because the train journey was hours long at least 2 hours long. He woke up and the train had stopped, he turned right the women next to him was gone, and so was his watch. Luke looked at the Captain and the Captain looked back at him and looked confused. Luke got up and ran out the train followed by the Captain. Luke saw the women leaving the underground station, He ran out after her but she vanished he saw a car long in the distance leaving. He looked down at the ground, but he found his watch and it still worked, maybe she dropped it when leaving."Come on we need to get that train before it leaves, what was that about",said the Captain. Luke explained on the train to Big Ben where there was a hotel they were staying at.

They finally arrived and saw how tall the building was of the hotel. Luke lived not far outside of London but never knew much about it. The bus left and Luke and the Captain had luggage on them, they walked together to the entrance and stood at the reception. Luke sat down with the luggage and saw the Captain with the keys to both of their rooms, he walked over and said this is yours Room 10. The captain was in Room 13 not far away but he left Luke in the corridor to settle in his room for this night and they will leave Earlie than 7:00 to catch there car, from MI10. Luke unlocked the door and was very surprised to see Mark standing there waiting for him.

"Hey Luke, we took a shortcut to get here and surprise you"Mark smiled.

"Wow you were fast" Luke laughed. Luke put his luggage on his bed and there were two beds they knew Mark was coming. Liam wanted to come but only one was aloud Mark said. Luke was about to get his beauty sleep like they needed when a knock came at the door. 

"Where having a late dinner at the restaurant, I'll see you both down there" said the Captain. He also had said to keep the door always locked, and that's what Luke did straight away.It was 8:45 and Mark was smiling around waiting for dinner exited. Luke went to unlock the door but it didn't budge open. He searched for his watch and out came a red lazer that burnt the keyhole. They walked downstairs and the Captain was waiting for them he got up to go and find them because he was worried, they were suppose to be there by 8:30, it was 8:48 now. He got up and bumped into Luke who fell back into a waiter that was carrying hot chilli soup that landed on Marks head. Mark ran into the bathroom to clean it off his hair.

"NO", shouted Mark. He didn't come out until 9:00 and joined them. They already had ordered without Mark and were eating chicken that night. Mark had just some of Luke's chicken, there was a lot for all three of them. They walked back to their room at 9:32 and stayed up till 10:00. They went to sleep early than they were expecting and fell asleep instantly. They were almost ready for the morning when Luke will be separated from Mark. Luke would be on Survival Island trying to  find out as much as he could about this man and more, he knew he might have to play their little game of surviving to find out more and fight. Luke could die in this but he wasn't sure if he would.                   

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