Luke Woods Mission1: Hunted

This is a agent book about a 13 year old boy called Luke that becomes a agent. He learns a lot about his Father. He is being hunted down by the enemy's of his father and maybe his father himself.


8. London Is Burning

The MI10 soldiers were passing through London trying to save Luke's life. They were in the back of the helicopter and Luke's eyes opened. He looked around and saw Ellie. She smiled as he awake to safety. Luke looked down out of the helicopter and saw that Big Ben was burning and people running for their lives. The helicopter landed at the top of of the old building where the base was hidden. They all got out and went down, they rushed Luke to the hospital and put him on one of the beds near the end of the room. He was surprised to see Mark lying next to him with his eyes shut, then he saw in front of him Ethan  the same but he was more alive that Mark was. Luke was worried and looked up to see Ellie and Jenny watching him with sad faces."We are doing the best we can"Said Jenny. "really we are". Luke got out of bed and ran off into the corridors while Ellie was trying to follow him but lost him. Luke walked up to the highest floor there was, the building was massive but didn't look it on the outside as much as it was, Luke saw people watching him and saw them looking down. Luke looked down and saw his T-shirt was ripped from the bullet he saw they helped him on the helicopter, but didn't patch it up. Luke turned left and opened the glass door to see people sat down reading and talking. There was a Spy car with built in missiles and can travel on water. At last he saw what he needed it was his bike he got from MI10. It had green glowing wheels that travel faster than the car. He dragged the bike into the lift and took it out once he got to the lowest floor there was. He only saw tunnels that lead to the river under the bridges near Big Ben and the tall buildings around them. he got on his bike and in a second he vanished, the bike was going so fast down the tunnel that Luke felt like he was already sweating from using his feet. The tunnel came to an dead end and Luke leaned back so the bike faced up. He waited and the bike flew out of the sewage onto the road, he was out side that Hotel he went to. Luke pedaled and turned the corner, he saw the bridge was being pulled up before he carried on he turned behind and saw three black dressed men on black motorbikes. They roared there engine and Luke went for the jump, he was terrified and saw the men still coming at him. Luke made the jump he was in the air for only a few seconds but it felt so slow for Luke, he went and landed on the other side of the bridge. Luke turned the bike around and saw one bike crash into the water followed by its driver. The second was over and gave Luke an evil look in his eyes, Luke saw a button on his bike and pressed it. A few missiles came out and shot the tyres of the bike, the car turned left and straight for the water and a a loud BOOM came out with pieces flying everywhere. Luke smiled but forgot about the third he turned around and it was already on the other side. He must of went around instead of over. Luke paused than walked forward a few steps the man got closer to Luke and quickly put a pistol to Luke's head.

"Now i got you"The man had said. Luke then heard rockets nearby, it put the man directly off of Luke for a second a then Luke tried to escape but the man stopped him. "Wait i recognize you"The Man spoke again. "Your Luke aren't you, son". The man smiled and threw the gun to the ground, he was looking for Luke all his life. Then they both heard the rockets again and out of nowhere Liam flew down swooped Luke up and grabbed his hands. Liam had rocket boots on himself, he was safe with these as long as he doesn't get killed. 

"NO, I NEED, to speak to him." Luke's voice got quieter the more they flew away. he looked down to see some people from MI10 taking cover and shooting Luke's dad, army of men. It was more silence as the minuets went past. It was over and Luke's dad needed to get to him and explain things to him. Luke was there and saw the old building with jenny and his mum outside waving upwards to them.    

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