Luke Woods Mission1: Hunted

This is a agent book about a 13 year old boy called Luke that becomes a agent. He learns a lot about his Father. He is being hunted down by the enemy's of his father and maybe his father himself.


9. Going Home

Luke was sat opposite the desk at the Headmaster and Luke was waiting. Not long later Luke's dad came in and with the Headmaster which was called Mr Bell, but he didn't really like it. Mr bell sat down in front of Luke and his mum on his left with his father on his right holding his hand. "Luke we have checked proof and found out that this man is yo father, Luke it is alright you can trust him now"Said Jenny standing in the corner. Luke frowned and and thought he must be safe now he has found me and even wants to come back home. 

"Ok, I don't get this though, like how did you join those people out there and my vision of the past the flash back and i thought you died",Luke was more confused than ever. Luke explained what he saw in his vision.

"I do understand the man was your murderer trying to kill you, but i was so angry with your mother for not doing anything about it nor telling the police, i do believe that the man was trying to kill you it is all my fault Luke, you were who i tried to protect" Luke's dad explained to him.

"I am afraid that now we know who killed that horrible man, we must arrest your father" Said Mr Bell. Luke was thinking how long. "I know what your thinking, how long? well we have guest around months but if it was more of a different meaning for his death then it would be years for death",Bell explained.

Luke was finished with this watching his dad leave and his mother who hadn't said a thing out the whole meeting. Luke walked down a few steps and saw Liam waving at him, he followed Liam into the hall where Lucy and Ethan were sat and Mark was also there with some plasters on his neck. Luke smiled to see him all right. Luke explained he was going home and had to get back to his real school but he will be back, he is only away for 3 months. Mark was already counting down and laughing wit the others, Luke waved and said bye he saw his mum waiting at the lift as he walked over and they went up together.   

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