Death and beyond.

Marisa never believed in the afterlife and all that. For her it was all a myth. However when a fatal accident happens and Marisa find out the shocking lonlyness shadowland brings, she recieves an assigment, which, if compleated well, shall change her fate and she will live is pareadise, summerland, all eternity.


3. Reminders.

When he came out that mysterious way, he reminded me of my ex - Josh. I remember us getting together, i was so happy. I had a crush on him for about a year, then he kissed me at a party, and asked me out the next day. But Josh was a player sp after about a month he dumped me!! 

But i still remember that month - im not going to lie there is still love there. I mean, you dont wake up one day and stop loving someone, that love is still there, its just blinded by other actions and emotions. You learn to forget and live around it. Sometimes it hurts when hes laughing with other girls, flirting with them, but i am not weak. I can get through this. Ur love. Us. We were - Bittersweet. The love felt great, i embraced it, but there was still something bitter about it. 

Before Josh i used to go for it !! i saw a guy i liked, and i talked to him. Now im scared, scared of having my heart broken into athousand little pieces and scatterd away to the four corners of the world. Ever heard the expression, one bitten and twice shy ? well let me tell you, it captures everything perfectlly.

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