Death and beyond.

Marisa never believed in the afterlife and all that. For her it was all a myth. However when a fatal accident happens and Marisa find out the shocking lonlyness shadowland brings, she recieves an assigment, which, if compleated well, shall change her fate and she will live is pareadise, summerland, all eternity.


2. I dont talk to strangers........unless their sexy.

So you see, this go for it buisness gets me in quite some trouble, like this one time, i wanted to learn to horse ride.......i didnt listen to my instructor, and i knida, sorta made the horse run into a lake...........

This is why im here, 12 at night, cold and alone, lost in a forest. Im Wiccan. New Wiccan. My bestfriend told me she`d meet me here and teatch me some more about Wicca, well her bielieves. I was so egar i run out without listening to her warning,.....yeah i still dont know what it is. But i know one thing, im not alone here.

I never believed in ghosts, or angles, or anything like that. So the toughts in my head (of who is here with me) are more on the - scary pedophile wanting to rape me- kinda way. I dont know where i am, i dont know the exact time, my phone is dead. And i can here something creepy behind me.

"Marisssaaaaa" Whos their ? "Marisa,"  like im going to answer 'I can hear you thoughts stupid'  Yeah right and im Santa clause "HO HO HO" who is he calling a hoe ?? ive only had 1 boyfriend thankyou very much "no as in Santa clause."  This dude is scary "how do you know im a dude?" cuz only guys have sexy thoughts "well thankyou Marisa im blushing"  shit.

A tall broad shalderd guy comes out of the bushes. His eyes are an amazing shade of purple, his hair so dark, it gives crows a run for their colour. But the first thing i can think of is HWAAAT!!

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