Death and beyond.

Marisa never believed in the afterlife and all that. For her it was all a myth. However when a fatal accident happens and Marisa find out the shocking lonlyness shadowland brings, she recieves an assigment, which, if compleated well, shall change her fate and she will live is pareadise, summerland, all eternity.


1. Dreams, hope, everything.

Why do people watch the night sky ? i never understood this. All the wishing and hoping......well it only wounds the heart. If people had sense, they wouldnt dream, they would go for it - thats my law, go for it. Not very original, but true, and great advice - well if you follow advice. Ive noticed im amazing at giving advice, i even have my own advice website, but i never follown advice. Thats why my life is a mess.

Ive always admired people who have dreams, goals, and they achieve it !!! I was like this once, but then something happened. A friend let me down, someone really close to me. It tore me apart. All my dreams, hope, everything, shatterd to a million pieces. From that moment i promised my self, i shall not dream, just go for it. I want something i refuse to thing what could happen. I go out and do it.

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