Death and beyond.

Marisa never believed in the afterlife and all that. For her it was all a myth. However when a fatal accident happens and Marisa find out the shocking lonlyness shadowland brings, she recieves an assigment, which, if compleated well, shall change her fate and she will live is pareadise, summerland, all eternity.


4. Call me stubborn.

"Who are you" I decided to get back into the moment, stop re-living the past and my memories. "Lets say im a friend" like who is this guy some bad arse assasin or something. "Well what if i dont want a friend" Call me stubborn, but hey , express youself!!! "i didnt say i was your friend. Just dont go deeper into the woods, turn around there you will find your way back" And with that hes gone.

Who the hell is that guy ? just appearing whenever he feels like it, telling me to watch out, and dissappearing. Its all kind of Ironic, dont you think ? I bet hes just some creepo who stalks on girls. The hell with his advice. Why should i turn around and go somwhere i dont know all because of some sexy bron-eyed, tall , dark- heard hwattie ??

Yupp i made up my mind im going in deeper......

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