You Never Know What Will Happen (1D fan-fiction)

this is the sequel to "Magic of Music" so i hope you enjoy book 2!


8. Chapter 8


Everything is perfect, every little thing. Almost to perfect to be true. I have Harry, we just got an amazing home were soon to be married. What if this is a dream? What if this whole time I have been locked up somewhere or dead and I'm dreaming about all of this. It's possible I've read about it. As much as I want to think that everything is supposed to be this way I can't help having this feeling in the pit of my stomache that makes me feel like this isn't real. And then there is Alexander, what if I really did die? And that's why I can see him, what if we all died that day in the limo. It would explain why every little thing is perfect. 

"Marley?" it was Harry. I looked up from my sketch pad and over to his face. "you okay?"

"yeah I'm fine, just tired I guess." I said

"oh, well the I suppose that you won't want to go out to dinner with the boys tonight?" he asked

"no I'll go. Where are we going though?" I asked

"well Niall wants to go to Nados " he said

"of corse he dose" I said not surprised 

"we could go to Gino's" Harry said "I know you love pizza"

"yeah Gino's works" I said

"okay I'll call and let them know to reserve the restaurant " he said

"no" I said

."what?" he asked

"we should go out to dinner like normal people, with out having to reserve a restaurant " I said

"well okay, but I can't promise that we will have a nice quiet dinner" he said

. We then so be it, it's normal." I said "I'm going to go upstairs to get dressed" i jumped off the kitchen stool and kissed Harry , then went upstairs.

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