You Never Know What Will Happen (1D fan-fiction)

this is the sequel to "Magic of Music" so i hope you enjoy book 2!


7. Chapter 7


It was hard.... it was hard having to look Marley in the face and tell her to go, I love her I really do. I just want her to really love me too, and just me. Not going back and fourth between Harry and I, and her wanting to secretly be with Jace.I walked into the kitchen and opened up the fridge, i pulled out a can of Coke and opened it up. As I did so there was a knock on my door, I set my drink down and walked to the door opening it up.

"Marley i thought i said to-" i started to say. "Oh, who are you?" standing in front of me was a short blonde girl with blue eyes, wearing a blue shirt and jeans.

"Uh hi, I'm Allie. Are you Alexander Ferridae? " she asked

"Yes... Can I help you with something?" I asked

"yeah uh." she reached into her bag and pulled out a white envelope. "They put this in my mail box by mistake." she handed me the letter. 

"Oh, thanks" i said taking the letter and putting it in my pocket. "Would you like to come in?"  she bluched and tucked her hair behind her ear.

"Yeah sure." she said as i stepped out of the way and let her in."Nice house."

"Thanks, want anything to drink?" I asked

"sure." she said setting her bag down on the couch as she started to look around the living room. I walked into the room and handed her a coke she opened it and we sat down. "You're new here aren't you?"

"Yeah I moved in not to long ago." i said

"Well just to warn you, there is a group of famous guys called One Direction that live up the street. We get quite a bit of paparazzi on our street." she said

"Yeah they told me about them when I bought the house." I said "I caught one of them in my yard trying to get a view in the window thats close to my house."

"Oh that would probably be Harry's room." she said 

"Oh really?" i asked

"Yeah" she said. "Well anyway thank you for the drink and the talk, but I should probably get going." she started to get up

"Oh, well thanks for my mail, feel free to come by anytime. I don't really know anyone around here so the company is nice." i said as i opened the door for her.

"Alright." she said with a smile."Bye Alexander." she walked out the door and I closed the door behind her going back to the couch to watch a show and drink my coke. 

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