You Never Know What Will Happen (1D fan-fiction)

this is the sequel to "Magic of Music" so i hope you enjoy book 2!


2. Chapter 2


When I got back inside i went and sat with Harry on the couch, i sat down and he wrapped his arm around me and i put my head on his shoulder.

"So Marley." Harry said

"What?" i asked

"We haven't really talked about it much but maybe we should." he said

"Talk about what?" i asked again

"Wedding plans." he said

"Alright what about them?" i asked.

"Well first we should plan a date, then where we want it, who to invite." he said

"Hey guys!" we were interrupted by Niall.

"Hey Niall" i said

"What are you guys up to?" he aksed

"Nothing, what about you?" i asked

"Well, the guys and I where thinking maybe we could steal Harry for a bit." he said

"Steal him for what?" i asked

"Wedding things." he said i looked up at Harry

"Go." i said

"Are you sure?" Harry asked

"Yes , i have some stuff to do." i said

"Alright." he said taking his arm off of me and getting up, he bent down and gave me a kiss before the followed Niall out of the living room. 

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