You Never Know What Will Happen (1D fan-fiction)

this is the sequel to "Magic of Music" so i hope you enjoy book 2!


1. chapter 1


It's been a month since the whole Megan and Katherine problem, and a month since i've been able to see Alexander. It has been hard trying to keep him a secret, due to the fact he turning more normal by the day, Jace and Emily have become a couple, it makes me sick to think about it. Things with Harry have been great for him and strange for me, the fact that I am in love with him and his brother he doesn't know anything about. Speaking of which it has been a while since i have seen Alexander.

"Marley, are you okay?" a voice said behind me, it was Harry.

"Yeah, i'm fine. Just a little tired." i said, just then there was a knock at the door.

"I got it" harry said walking to the front door. He opened it and standing there in the doorway was Alexander. "Hello, can I help you?"

"Yes, um is Marley here?" Alexander asked, Harry looked back at me.

"Who's asking?" he asked

"An old friend." Alexander said.

"Marley, it's for you." Harry said and I got up and walked to the door.

"I got it from here." i said to Harry and he walked away. i stepped outside and shut the door behind me. "ALexander!!!"

"Well nice to see you too" he said with a smirk 

"Where have you been?" i asked

"I have been around" he said

"And how can Harry see you?" i asked

"Well that's why I have been gone for a little bit, When I started to realize that i was becoming more human i left the house and went on my own." he said

"Wait, so you're human?" i asked

"As human and alive as you." he said

"But that means...." i trailed off.

"No it doesn't mean that i can't still be with you, I've figured out somethings that I can do." he said with a wink.

"Are you going to tell Harry?" i asked

"Tell Harry what?" he asked

"That you are his brother." i said

"oh please, he wouldn't believe me." he said

"You never know." i said

"I do know, he will think i am crazy and then we won't be able to hang out." he said

"But-" he cut me off.

"Outside of your bedroom" he said , i laughed and tucked my hair behind my ear.

"I also have gotten a house down the road, so you should come to my bedroom sometimes." he said

"You have been busy, haven't you?" i asked

"Yes, anyways i have got to get going, i'll see you tonight or tomorrow" he said pulling me into a hug, it was weird compared to before, because now i could feel his warmth and i could hear his heart. We drew away from each other and he set off down the driveway to his house,i watched him until he was gone and then turned around and went inside.

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