You Never Know What Will Happen (1D fan-fiction)

this is the sequel to "Magic of Music" so i hope you enjoy book 2!


9. Capter 9


I was upstairs looking through my boxes of clothes trying to find something to read when all of the sudden a pair of warm hands wrap around my waist, i turned my head to the side and some fuzzy curly pieces of hair brushed my cheeks. I smiled

"Whatcha doing?" i asked Harry putting the box down and putting my hands on his. 

"We have time" he said. "Before we go to dinner."

"Time to do what?" i asked turning around and wrapping my hands around his neck.

"Break in the bedroom floor" he said with a wink. I kissed him and smiled. 

"Or we can just get ready for dinner." i said he gave me the puppy dog eyes. "Don't give me those eyes." 

"What eyes these eyes?" he said making the puppy dog eyes. i laughed 

"Yes those eyes." i said still laughing. "lets get ready. Maybe later."

"Okay." he said kissing me. Afte Harry left I went digging around in the boxes to find clothes. After a while I pulled out a pair of jeans a black shirt and a dark green jacket,I put it on then went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was really in no shape to go out anywhere , my hair is a mess and I look like I could sleep for 100 years. I pulled out my brush and combed out my hair when I was done with it , it was supper puffy and frizzy. So I quickly straightened it and put my make up on , lacing up my  black combat boots and headed downstairs where Harry was waiting by the front door. 

"ready?" he asked

"very, I'm starving" I Said . "you'll need to go grocery shopping tomorrow."

"me?" he asked stunned 

"well I'm not going to do it" I said

.and why not?" he laughed 

"for one thing I don't like to and for another thing I have plans tomorrow" I said 

He sighed "okay"

We got to Ginos and there were crowds of people surrounding the front of the building. "let me go first" I said getting out of the car, I cut past every in and got to the front door where the guy was and told him who I was with for my reservation ."I'm here under the name Liam Payne ."

"nice try" the guy said. 

"my names Marley Snow, I'm engaged to Harry Styles" I said showing him my ring. "Harry's back I'm the car I said I would go in first so I an get him in easier." he just looked at me. "do t believe me?" I dug out my phone and called Harry handing the phone to the guard. "talk to him then" after a minuet he hung up and gave me my phone letting me in, I pulled my hood off and then some one screamed 

"it's Marley Snow! Harry Styles fiancé !" I turned around and looked to see flashes of photographers taking pictures, then fans asking to get pictures with me, asking to see my ring. I flipped them off. as i walked inside. I was greeted by Louis. 

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