Taking Chances

Alex is just a normal girl. Average, brown hair, brown eyes, three best friends - Katie, Elly and Paisley. But what happens when she runs into her celebrity crush Niall Horan on vacation? Will she be able to love him after what happens? Will they be ale to find love?


16. Scared...

2 days later

Elly's POV:

We all packed our bags and headed out. The bus was already waiting for us to go. I had talked to Paisley the night before and she was still really upset about everything and I think Harry was too. They didn't smile as much any more.  By now I think everyone knew what happened between them. there were 5 rooms in the bus... well, 5 beds. 3 full's and 2 twin sized beds. I had a bed with Zoe and Alex slept in the bed with Katie. Zayn and Niall slept in the other large bed leaving Louis, harry and Liam in the twin beds. It was an incredible bus! TV, video games, closets, kitchenette. it was awesome! We quickly un-packed our bags and the bus started going again. First stop... Bradford. When we finally arrived at our hotel Alex was sleeping and Niall, being the gentleman that he is wouldn't wake her up so he slept inthe bus withher and said he'd come up tomorrow morning.  (awww) Alex was wearing this: 

(  http://www.polyvore.com/sleepy/set?id=86178574  )


So, we went up and went to sleep. In the morning the boys had to go to sound check so we helped set up stage with Paisley who was going crazy trying to organize everything. Alex told me how she woke up last night still in the bus and got scared so Niall slept by her. How cute are they! I can't believe they aren't dating. I talked with her a long time and told her how if she was going to be this way with Niall, she had to break up with Jan. She is just really confused right now I guess. I feel bad though because now, She has been avoiding Nialler all day which isn't going to help anything... I saw her and paisley go out into the hallway. To talk I guess. It had been 1 hour and I started to get a little worried so I decided I would go look for them. "Paisley! Alex! Where are you?"     

I had been looking around for about 20 minutes and been through the stadium twice. I was panicking now. They weren't answering their phones either. paisley ALWAYS has her phone on.'It's okay,it's okay" I kept telling myself. But I had a bad feeling things weren't going to be okay.


I ran into the room where the boys were reversing in. Niall looked really down. "Um.. boys?" I asked. "Not to alarm you or anything but.. um- uh... I haven't seen Paisley or Alex for almost 2 hours and they aren't answering their phone and I've looked everywhere for them." "WHAT!?" Niall and Harry yelled. "We have to find them... now" harry said. "Ok" We searched again. Everywhere. They weren't in this building. I heard a loud thump and a faint scream coming from the back door exit. BOYS! I yelled. They all came rushing over. I could have sworn I heard Alex scream... What was happening!? We went towards a ringing phone and found that Katie was on the ground with a gash on her forehead and Paisleys phone ringing on the ground. "KATIE" Zayn screamed once he saw her. He ran up and picked her limp body off the ground. Her eyes slowly fluttered open when she started pancking. "Alex! Paisley! I-I saw them!" She had "we told you to stay away from the boys" written on her arm in sharpie. Zayn pulled her into the car and took her to the hospital. These were the same people who broke into the house in London. What did we get ourselves into? 


They were not allowed to re-schedule even under THESE circumstances because of management. The boys still put on a good show but during 'little things' they all broke. The had to run off the stage for a few minutes and despite what management said. They cut the show short by 4 songs. We had already told the police about the girls being missing and they said they would "do there best". Ya right! Katie had woken up a short while after being taken to the hospital. Apparently they put chloroform over her mouth. JERKS! The nerve of some people. We all went back to the bus and Katie went into full hysterics seeing Alex and Paisleys stuff. Harry kept pacing back and forth while Niall stared into space with ears threatening to fall as he ran his fingers through his hair over and over again. Liam was crying and Louis was on the phone with some police I think. Katie just couldn't stop crying into Zayns shirt. She never did well with stress. After the death of Alex's and her mom, they became colser than ever before. They had a special bond. They always did but after that, it was a 1000 times stronger. They had a special trust and they could always lean on each other. "What if they're dead!" Katie said. "She is my sister! I can't lose her like I lost my mom." "Shhh..." Zayn whispered to her, planting sweet little kisses on her forehead. Harry took me into the other room along with Louis, Niall and Liam, Leaving Zayn and Katie."What happened to her mom? Is she okay?" We had never told them about that day. We never did. but, It looked like it was coming out weather we liked it or not. 

"There's not much to tell. A few years ago, katies mom and Alexs mom were driving to go see my mom at Starbucks one morning when a drunk driver crashed into the side of there car killing them both instantly." 




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