Taking Chances

Alex is just a normal girl. Average, brown hair, brown eyes, three best friends - Katie, Elly and Paisley. But what happens when she runs into her celebrity crush Niall Horan on vacation? Will she be able to love him after what happens? Will they be ale to find love?


2. Problems...

Chapter 2:


          Alex’s POV:

(5 hours later…)

*at the hotel*



Elly: No.


Katie: why!?!


Elly: Because I didn’t even buy anything, DUH!


Katie: This is why … We bought stuff for you!


Alex:  These 4 bags are for you! Now go!


Elly: Thanks girls! You’re the bestest, best, bestiful people ever! I love you!


Alex: I knew it!


Katie: Plus, Louis is going to love the new outfits. (Says in a whisper)


Alex:  YUP! (I said, popping the ‘p’ at the end)


Elly: What?




In the end our favorite outfits were:

Katie: Some cute black leather skinny jeans with some high-top, bulky black and gold sneakers with a hat that said ‘obey’ (like Zayn’s hat) and a tight fitting grey sweat-shirt and a string sleeved black shirt that said ‘DJ Malik’ in purple letters.

( http://www.polyvore.com/zayns_girl/set?id=82106052 )

Elly: Some tight grey leggings with a blue and white striped shirt (long-sleeved) that hung off her right shoulder with some black ankle boots and a charm bracelet we gave her as a gift 5 years ago. She was wearing a black leather jacket over it.

 ( http://www.polyvore.com/ellys_outfit/set?id=82106350 )

Alex: I had blue skinny jeans with a tighter fitting, off the shoulder blue top that said 'beauty;  with a black baseball cap that had the element sign on the front left corner in white letters. My shoes were just my old black and white converse that came to my ankles with a black jacket. *************************************************************

 ( http://www.polyvore.com/alexs_outfit/set?id=82106740 )


Katie: TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie shouted from the other room. Every night we liked to check the boys twitter accounts. (@laurla knighlan) We got a twitter account just to follow the boys all the time! Katie was addicted to twitter though. ADDICTED. Even though Elly claims to think twitter is stupid, she always came to see it with us.


Katie: Who should we check first!?


Elly: LOUIS. I guess, I-I-I mean, I don’t really care. (OMG…Is Elly turning into a directioner? YAY!)


Katie: OK!


Alex: Elly likes Louis! Elly likes Louis!


Elly: SHUT UP!


Alex: Fine, gosh!



@Louis Tomlinson à *can’t wait for the concert in a few days! Who’s going?!


@Louis Tomlinson à *Playing video games with the boys. DIE ZAYN! ;)


@Louis Tomlinson @Niall Horan Official à *Just saw three beautiful girls sitting in the back of Nandos earlier <3 ‘HI’



Katie: OH. MY. GOSH.


Elly: What? You don’t REALLY think they’re talking about us do you?


Katie: We WERE in the back of Nandos…All THREE of us!


Elly: You’re so stupid.


Alex: Don’t be so mean! (lol) But she’s right, there where A LOT of people there today. It could have been anyone. Ok, NIALLS TWITTER! NOW!


Katie: Okay, chill!


@Niall Horan Official à *How is everyone tonight! Whatching Durby tonight!


@Niall Horan Official à *Are you the 3 girls we saw haha?!


@Niall Horan Official à *Descriptions ;) ~ brown hair, brown eyes, tall

                                                                    ~ brown hair, green eyes, tall

                                                                    ~ dark brown hair, green eyes, red                                    glasses, shorter


@Niall Horan Official à *Playing me guitar with the lads! (pic. 0234057.twitter) *J*


Katie: Its us. Oh my gosh! IS US! It has to be! Alex, your #1, I’m #2 and Elly is #3!!!!! OH MY GOSH!


For the next 30 minutes or so, we screamed and danced around with joy. Even Elly seemed genuinely happy that one direction thought she was cute!


Alex: OH! I can’t wait for the concert and the signing! Maybe they will recognize us?!


Elly: This is actually really cool! No, I’m not a directioner like you two, but, they’re still boys!!


Katie: AHHHH!! Zayn is MINE! So keep your sticky hands AWAY! <3

(We all couldn’t help but burst out laughing!)


Katie: Zayns twitter!!


But just as we were about to check it, her phone died and being the crazy girl she is, she forgot her charger in Barcelona. So now we get to go out at 11pm and try to find a store somewhere that is open at this time AND sells phone chargers. Nice…

Niall’s POV:



Zayn: I can’t believe you posted that on twitter Niall! The media is going absolutely crazy!


Niall: I know. I just really want to meet them, you know?


Harry: I do! They were HOT!


Niall: Well, I’m starving!!


Louis: Me too! (He said with his whiny baby tone)


Niall: Let’s go eat!


Zayn: Pizza?


Niall: Nah, I want to go out to eat!


Liam: But it’s almost 11pm!


Niall: Sooo… We don’t have to wake-up early tomorrow. PLEASE!


Liam: Fine. Where to?


Niall: YAY! Thank you Liam! Thank you, thank you!


Liam: Where do you want to go?


Niall: I don’t care. You boys have any preference?


Harry: TACOS!


All: YEA!


Liam: I’ll just go tell Paul where we’re going.


*20 minutes later* (Paul took them to a special back room)


Waitress: Hello, may I take your order? We have a… oh my gosh!! You are One Direction! I’m a huge fan!


Harry: Aww, thanks! Would you like a picture?


Waitress: Please?! Thank you so much! Thank you!


Liam: No problem babe.


Waitress: Thank you! Oh, right, sorry! What can I get for you boys?!?


Harry: I’ll have 4 meat tacos please! Thanks babe.


Liam: I’ll have the Enchiladas please, thanks!


Louis: Fish and chips!


Liam: They don’t have that here Lou.


Louis: Oh, um…4 meat tacos I guess.


Harry: Boo-bear! We are so in sync!


Zayn: I’ll get the bean and rice enchiladas. Thanks.


Niall: I’ll have… the enchiladas, rice and beans, 2 meat tacos and a side of guacamole.


Waitress: Ok! Love you guys! Be right back.


Harry: And I love you! Ha-ha.


Niall: Zayn, Zayn!


Zayn: What? What is it mate?


Niall: Is that, them?


Zayn: Who?


Niall: From Nandos!?!


Zayn: Ya! I think so!


I could see them looking at an outside menu from the window. I wanted to get up but I just couldn’t move. It was like I was paralyzed. She was so beautiful. So natural. I liked it. She didn’t have much make-up on like she did before and her hair was up in a messy bun but she was still breath-taking. She was with the same girls from before and it was obvious they were tourists though, and that they were directioners. The girl with brown eyes had a shirt that said “Eat like Niall <3” (Yes! I was her favorite!)


Niall: Zayn! They, they are directioners! Look at their shirts!


Zayn: Oh and look at the girl with green eyes! Her shirt says “DJ Malik”

…She is mine…  We have to go talk to them before they leave!


Just as we were about to leave our dinner room, Paul stopped us from leaving. Obviously… but, y the time Zayn and I had explained what we were doing, we looked back out the windows and they were gone.


Niall: NOOOO!


Zayn: Sorry mate.


Louis: At least now we know that they are directioners! And that they must e staying some place near to here. If you want we could wait until they pass y here again…


Paul: Sorry boys but we have to go. Liam has just paid and they are closing soon.


That was it. I blew it! I had not one, but TWO chances to see them and I probably won’t get another…



Alexs POV:


Alex: I’m STARVING! Why couldn’t have just eaten there! L


Katie: They were only open another 30 minutes and we need to find a store NOW!


Alex: Fine. I’ll just eat something at the hotel! Mean!!!


Katie: Whatever…


About 10 minutes of walking around later, we finally found an open pharmacy that sold phone chargers


Cashier: That will be *8.75 please.


Katie: Here you go!


Cashier: Have a good night and thank you for shopping with…whatever…


Elly: Umm… ok?


Alex: Well SHE was rude…well, who can blame her? It’s almost midnight and she is STILL working!


Katie: tomorrow is Wednesday…3 more days until the concert! YAY!


Elly: Oh, someone kill me now! I’m too tired to  be nice to anyone else! Especially you both…


Alex: But you love us!


Elly: Fine.



Katie: Yay! So… you’ll go to the signing?!


Elly: What? No way! I’m only going to the concert because you both spent so much money on the tickets, but I do NOT have to go to the signing! No, no, NO.


Alex: Aww… please? We’ll do ANYTHING!


Elly: Really…?

Katie: YES!


Elly: OK.


Both: whoo-hoo!


Elly: Wait…on ONE condition…


Both: whoo-hoo? (we both said a little less happily)


Elly: You are not allowed to check 1D twitter, facebook, insta-gram, or talk even a single word about them ALL day tomorrow. OK? One word and I won’t go, got it?


Alex: You are EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOU!


Elly: I know, but you love me right?


Katie: Of course our dearest Elly. Even if you are evil and slightly insane!


Elly: That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! (she said while fake crying)


After Elly said that we couldn’t help but all burst out laughing, we laughed so loud we got a few ‘looks’ from some people walking by us! After we were back in our hotel room (and I wasn’t hungry anymore) We decided to go to sleep, after all… it was almost 2 a.m! Our hotel room was a smaller pent house. It had 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, a living-room and a little kitchen. We could only afford this because Katies dad was the owner of a big company back in Barcelona, Spain and my dad was the co-president in some ‘goretex’ thing and Ellys dad owned a chain of restaurants.




Katie: Hey!!! 1 day until… (she was cut-off by an evil look from Elly)

Oh, right. The ‘deal’…sorry Elly! Kisses! So, what do you guys want to do today?


Elly: REST!


All: LAZY DAY!! : D


Alex: I’ll get food!


Katie: I’ll get movies!


Elly: I’ll get nail polish, pillows and magazines!


I quickly ran down to the store in my plaid pajama pants and grey tang-top. I bought: 4 pizzas, (1 for Elly, 1 for Katie and 2 for me) tons of candy and ice-cream, chips and drinks. When I got back to the hotel room, room service was bringing up extra pillows and Katie had got Titanic, Grease, Step-up (the new one) and Grown-ups 2.

We put the movie in and once the pizzas and snacks were set out, pushed play. After a few hours passed by and had finished Titanic and step-up, I decided we needed more food besides candy. We quickly changed our clothes and went to an Italian restaurant.


Waitress: Hi! May I take your orders?


Alex: Sure I’ll have… A margarita pizza, pasta with meatballs, garlic bread and the small ceaser salad and a coke please!


Waitress: Okay. I will be right back with all of that.


Alex: But, aren’t you forgetting the orders of my friends?


Waitress: Oh, seriously?! Um, okay… sorry.


Elly: Sorry, she’s a pig. I’ll have the alfrado with a coke.


Katie: And I will have the sausage pizza, with a coke please!


Waitress: Ok, perfect! That should be out in about 20 minutes.


Katie: Ok!


Alex: You…called me a pig!


Elly: YUP (she said while popping the ‘p’)

Katie: We have to talk guys…You can always say no but…



Alex: Whats up Katie?


Katie: Ok, so… I talked to all of our parents and, if you want to, Ellys dad can find us jobs here in the U.K and they’ve already set up some apartment viewings for us to see…


Elly: Wait…You mean MOVE HERE?!?!? Are you crazy?!?



Katie: Well, you can say no, I was just thinking…


Elly: Yes! Yes! Yes! A million times YES!!!


Katie: Woah…I didn’t ask you to marry me! Chill!


Alex: But, what about…Jan?


Elly: Oh, right. But, you can make it work. Can’t you?


Jan was my boyfriend of 8 months now. He was amazing, smart, funny, cute, tall, strong and sweet. I was going to say no but this was the happiest I’ve ever seen my two best friends since, well, ‘that’ happened. Plus, we would have a better chance of meeting one direction while living in the U.K.


Alex: I’ll think about it…


Was all that I could say. Long-distance relationships never work. Not even in movies! I was technically given the choice of my boy-friend or best friends! Why me! Elly and Katie don’t have boyfriends so they have nothing holding them back at the moment. If we did live here, I could have a fresh, new start without the sadness of Katie’s and my mothers death in Barcelona. I would have to talk to Jan about it though. Maybe we could visit each other all the time.


*Later at the hotel*


Alex: Whatchya doin’?

Elly: We’re just looking at flats! Wanna help?



Alex: But, I haven’t even said yes yet.


Katie: We know. We were just too excited! We had to look. Hey, are you okay?


Alex: Fine. I’m going to go call Jan…


Elly: Ok! Let us know the details ASAP!!


Alex: Sure.


Alex: Jan?


Jan: Hey babe! How is everything? I miss you like crazy!


Alex: Fine…


Jan: Hey. Are you okay? You sound, upset.


Alex: We need to talk.


Jan: Umm… ok.


After I had explained everything to Jan I could feel the warm tears running down my cheeks like race-cars. It took everything in me to not start sobbing o the phone. Jan agreed to visit me as soon as he could and told me how much he missed me and loved me and how hard it would be to not ‘see my beautiful face everyday’. He was too good to me. About two seconds after I hung-up the phone I started sobbing immediately.  My friends must have heard because they burst into my hotel room. They started asking me what happened and if we broke up and if they should go beat him up. (haha) After I told them everything I asked to watch Grown-ups 2 which made them both giggle. Katie just kept telling me that it will all work out in the end while Elly let me lay on her lap. About half way through the movie I fell asleep on Ellys lap with Katie playing with my long brown hair. I had the best friends ever. . .  



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