Taking Chances

Alex is just a normal girl. Average, brown hair, brown eyes, three best friends - Katie, Elly and Paisley. But what happens when she runs into her celebrity crush Niall Horan on vacation? Will she be able to love him after what happens? Will they be ale to find love?


7. night together




Alex’s POV:

After the amazing concert was over, we slipped back stage as quickly as possible because of the crazy mob of screaming girls all around us. We got stuck behind a girl who passed-out from all the excitement I guess. Once we all got back stage, a security guard told us that the boys were changing and that we should all wait for them out with him. As we were waiting, Katie told us all about what happened with Zayn out in the hallway and how he got jealous of her talking with Harry. Awww… how cute is that!?! Elly wouldn’t shut-up about Louis. Yes, Elly is in love with Louis now apparently. Paul came out and told us that the boys had to leave and they would see us later because too many girls were trying to get back stage. He directed us to a car and we drove-off to meet the boys. Because I was hungry, we had the driver pull off and stop at Nandos for 10 minutes so I could get some food. When we got back to the house the boys were already waiting for us.


Elly: Boys? LOUIS!!!


She ran up and jumped into his arms telling him how good he did and how well he preformed. They were so cute!! We decided to have some pizza delivered and then we all went to change into our PJ’s so that we could do something together. At first we were going to watch a scary movie but Katie gets scared too easily. Zayn, Katie, Liam and Harry decided to go play monopoly (which I hate) Louis and Elly went to play twister together and told Niall and I that we weren’t allowed to play. Jerks. So Niall and I were alone.  I was wearing this:


( http://www.polyvore.com/pjs/set?id=82539037 )


Alex: So… what do you want to do Niall??

Niall: Well. We could watch a movie, or we could play a game.

Alex: The movie sounds good. Scary?! J

Niall: If you’d like.


We put the movie in and sat down. It was getting really scary and I could tell Niall was really scared so I got up from my seat and sat next to him on the love seat. I could feel him shaking. Haha. A really scary part came up and I squealed and hid my eyes under the blanket. I felt his arm slip around my shoulders and pull me into his warm body. “Shh. I’ve got you.” He whispered into my ear. I slowly peeked my head out from under the blanket. I was still really scared but then Niall started playing with my bun so I took my hair out of the bun. I let my hair fall onto his lap where I was laying. I smiled up at him and then returned to the movie. He played with my hair until the movie ended and I sat up. He was so sweet.


Niall: Well that was a horrible movie.

Alex: You should have told me that you didn’t like it and we could have done something else!

Niall: But I was comfortable and I liked playing with your hair. It’s soft.

Alex: Haha, thanks. So, what should we do now?

Niall: We could go see what the other guys are doing, if you want to.

Alex: Sure.


We walked into the room where Zayn, Katie, Liam and Harry were. They were sill playing monopoly and yelling at each other about the game. That’s why I hate monopoly. They were all so noisy so I decided to stop them by yelling louder than they all were. It worked because they all looked at me. After sorting the game out we decided to go to sleep because tomorrow we had to go to Simon’s house to have some party there. It was supposed to be fancy or whatever. Niall and I went to the side of the house where our rooms were. He came into my room first though. He sat down on my bed. I got in the blankets and looked at him. I was super tired and needed to go to sleep but I didn’t want to be rude and tell him to leave. He is NIALL HORAN for Christ’s sake!


Alex: Is there something you want to say Niall?


Nialls POV:


Alex: Is there something you want to say Niall?


YES!! I wanted to scream it out! She should be with me! Not with Jan or whatever! I would treat her right, she should be my princess. She is my princess. She just doesn’t know it yet…but she will, she will.


Alex: Niall? Helloooo…? She said while waving her hands in front of my eyes.

Niall: Oh sorry. Im just tired. I was just going to tell you to remember the party tomorrow at 7:00pm. If you want you can just stay by me all night. It’s a party with a lot of friends of ours. Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry…ect. Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.

Alex: Fine?!?!? I can’t just talk to those stars! Im a nobody! I don’t deserve that.

Niall: I cannot believe what I am hearing. You are the most deserving person. If anything, they don’t deserve to meet you.

I saw her blush a little.

Alex: Thanks, but, I don’t think I can go.

Niall: Please? For me?

I leaned over until our faces were close enough that our noses brushed up against each other. I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to tell her how much I loved her. But for now, I closed my eyes and kissed her on the tip of her nose. I think I started blushing though which was embarrassing! We said our ‘goodnights’ and I closed her door. I needed her. And I wouldn’t stop until I got her. She was a princess worth fighting for.



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