Taking Chances

Alex is just a normal girl. Average, brown hair, brown eyes, three best friends - Katie, Elly and Paisley. But what happens when she runs into her celebrity crush Niall Horan on vacation? Will she be able to love him after what happens? Will they be ale to find love?


9. New girl <3

Simon: boys and girls, say hello to...

Elly: PAISLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Paisley ;) :  (  http://www.polyvore.com/tea_ellys/set?id=82314404 ) 

We all screamed and had a huge group hug that lasted for about 10 minutes before letting go and catching up. Simon left by saying "well, i guess they can tell you who she is..." Paisley was one of our best friends! We had both been neighbours when we were younger and our parents were best friends. Both of our families moved to Spain at the same time. We were inseparable. We lived in the same apartment complex which was awesome. We met Elly and Katie at school and we all became best friends right away. The only problem was that a few years back, around the time of the accident with Katie and my mom.. Paisleys dad's work took him back to the states. It was too expensive to visit so I hadn't seen her for a few years. We lost touch a while back when i had to change my email address which she lost. it was horrible! And now she was going to be here with us~and one direction! Finally life had been going my way. Everything was perfect, well, almost anything... At least the crew was back. I was truly happy. After we introduced Paisley to the boys and explained how we knew each other, the party was coming to an end. I slipped into the car and we all drove off. That night we went back and talked over Starbucks. It was the best day ever. Paisley told us how she applied for this job along with 250 other girls and had a heart attack when she got the letter saying how she would be working side by side with the one and only One Direction! I couldn't believe the luck of seeing her. It was amazing! I couldn't wait for the next days to come. 


Harry's POV:

When I saw the girl, Paisley, I think her name was. She was beautiful. The way her hair layed over her eye just a little. The way her face lit up when she saw the other girls. The way she blushed when i smiled at her. The way her eyes would look at the ground when someone famous walked by. the way she giggled at Louis jokes even though they weren't that funny. The way she was constantly holding onto Katie, Alex or Elly's hand. She was gorgeous. I wondered if she knew how cute she was. I was actually a little nervous. I'm never nervous. I had this weird feeling in my stomach. Like, butterflies...i guess? I've never felt like that since primary school! I wanted to run and jump and do anything for her. I've never met anyone so...innocent? I wanted to be with her. but not just  while... I wanted to REALLY get to know her. Only time will tell...


Nialls Pov:

We were going to watch Toy Story with the group but Zayn told me to grab Alex and come into the kitchen. I grabbed Alex and we went inside.

Zayn: Okay, so, Niall. You're like a brother to me and Alex, you know Katie really well.I need your advice! I really, REALLY like her. Like I can't stop thinking about her but im still so nervous! Do you think she likes me back?

Alex: Okay. Katie, is kind of in love with you. She was in love with you before like, because you're famous but now that she really knows you... she genuinely loves you. She won't shut about how handsome, funny, cool, sweet and awesome you are. She definitely likes you. It's ridiculous. Our conversations sice we have been here have been based on you. Please ask her out so I don't have to hear how amaZAYN you are...! (haha... sorry, i had to...)

Zayn started blushing like crazy and had the biggest smile plastered on his face. I envied him.  Just a little. He finally found his princess, i just wished mine would open her eyes.

Niall: You should ask her to be your girlfriend some where private. Like... take her to a boat ride and give her 100 flowers, her favourite flowers, then ask her. Or! dinner oh or, or, oh! Sing her a song you wrote just for her and give her 100 flowers and do it all on a boat ride at sunset! I could learn the chords and play me guitar for you! This is going to be great! 

Zayn: Niall.. you need a girlfriend. *he then looked straight at Alex* Seriously, the luckiest girl in the world will be Niall's future girlfriend.

Alex: I hope it all works out for you both. 

At that Alex looked straight at me for a good 15 seconds before looking down and walking towards the others. Why can't she just love me too?! We finished up the movie and headed off to bed. It looked like tonight was going to be a storm. I also had a feeling Paisley was going to be a lot of fun to hang out with. She seemed really nice and was actually really pretty. I went into my room, changed and went to bed thinking about Alex...



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