Taking Chances

Alex is just a normal girl. Average, brown hair, brown eyes, three best friends - Katie, Elly and Paisley. But what happens when she runs into her celebrity crush Niall Horan on vacation? Will she be able to love him after what happens? Will they be ale to find love?




Fan-Fic…. <3 1D    J 



Chapter 1:

          Alex’s’ POV.



It was a cold Sunday morning but even though the weather was bad, me and my 2 best friends Katie and Elizabeth (but everybody called her Elly) were already walking around at 9a.m. We were crazy one direction fans except for Elly. Elly was the type of girl who was VERY sassy but always sweet and looking out for people she loved. She thought that we were both crazy because of how much we both loved one direction but she loved us so she would always put up with our “stupid 1D talk” as she would say. All of us were in London for the holidays and to see a one direction concert (obviously! I mean, why else would we come here?!) Katie was a Zayn girl and was determined to hear him say ‘Vas’ happenin’ Katie?!’ before we left for home. I am in LOVE  with Niall and couldn’t wait to see him live and go to the 1D signing!! Elly claims she only came to be with us and is only going to the one direction concert Saturday to be with us, but sometimes I think she might just be a little in love with Louis…. It was Saturday and we WERE in London so we decided to go shopping for the perfect outfits for the concert Saturday evening! Here's what I was wearing:


Katie: Okay, so I know Zayn likes a funky but still a little girly look….

Alex (me): STRIPES!!!! I found THE cutest striped dress ever for you Eli! Come on, we all know how much you love stripes right..! Louis will LOVE this!

Elly: Oh my gosh guys! They probably won’t even notice you…there will be like, thousands of girls there..

Katie: Hey! A girl can dream! And buy clothes…

Elly: You guys! Uggg… I’m waiting over here for you guys…get me if you need me.

Both: OK!!

Alex: What would Niall like…?

Katie: umm, You have to wear a cool hat!

Alex: Perfect!

Katie: Awesome! Ready to check out?

Alex: We could go really slow to irritate Eli a little more!

Elly: Come on guys!!! I’m soooo bored!

Alex: And I’m starving! 


They giggled


Katie: Like always Alex! Where do you want to go?

Alex: mmm… NANDOS!!! We have to! It’s my Niallers favorite!

Katie: Ok, sounds good! I’ll pay for our stuff while you tell Eli what we’re doing ok?

Alex: OK!!


**At Nandos**


Elly: Looks like good food…

Alex: OH. MY. GOSH!

Elly: Shut up!

Alex: Niallers FAVORITE place!! YAY!

Elly: You irritate me…

Alex: But you love me, I KNOW you love me…

Elly: Fine!

Alex:  SAY IT!!

Elly: I love you…

Alex: Yup, I knew it!

Waitress: Hello ladies, what can I get for you guys?


A few minutes after our food came back, Niall Horan, yes THE Niall Horan walked in! A crowd of girls automatically surrounded him. We were towards the back of the restaurant so, sadly, we were at the outside of the mob of crazed girls. Niall then quickly grabbed his food after taking a few pictures and left before I could get closer!


Alex: I’m gonna die!

Katie: No! If you die you won’t be able to see them Friday or Saturday!


Nialls POV:


I was outside of Nandos (yay) I had already called ahead of time and ordered and they were ready to quickly give Paul our food. As I was waiting in the back of the van with the boys, I was looking into the windows of nandos when a certain group of girls in the back caught my attention. They were all very cute. But one stood out to me. She had long brown/blonde hair and the most beautiful big, brown eyes. She was laughing a lot. But I knew I wanted to meet her when their food came back and she had ordered 3xs more food than her friends.


Louis: Niall…NIALL!

Niall: wha- what?

Louis: Why are you smiling and staring into space?... Its, creepy.

Niall: Oh, nothing. Just that girl. She ordered 3xs as much food as her other friends, its just funny.

Louis: wow… She’s hot!  But I think her friend with the cool glasses is hotter…

Zayn: No way! Look at the one with green and blue eyes with long brown/blonde hair!

Harry: NO! They’re all mine!! (everyone started laughing at Harry’s voice)

Liam: Harry, stop being so stupid…they are mine.

Harry: Oh yea!?

Liam: Yea.

Paul: Okay boys, Im going to go get the food.


I don’t know what came over me but I just felt like I really had to meet those girls.


Niall: I want to go too.

Paul: Not now Nial, Theres too many people.


Paul: Fine, but stay close.

Niall: OKAY! 


I was hoping if I went inside, they would be fans and come over to say hi. Unfortunately, almost everyone in there was a fan and due to where they were, they couldn’t come close.


Zayns POV:


I had a feeling that I knew what Niall was doing. He really wanted to meet that girl. I was watching as all the girls began crowding around him and how that girl he was watching couldn’t push through with her friend with the green eyes. The funny thing was that the one with glasses stayed seated and just laughed at her friends so… I’m guessing she wasn’t a huge one direction fan like her friends. Paul decided he had let Niall take enough pictures after about 5 or 10 minutes, and pulled Niall back to the van, but I could hardly keep my eyes off of the green eyed girl. It was weird…

Nialls POV:


Man! I really wished I could have spoke to her. It broke my heart as we drove away and I saw her look so sad. She was still so pretty though… Her green eyed friend said something to her that made her smile though, and boy was her smile cute. Maybe she would be at the concert at the end of the week though… at least now I know she is a fan of ours! Hopefully not a crazy fan like some! ;)


Zayn: What’s wrong Nialler?

Niall: Oh, nothing… (It was stupid. I couldn’t tell him I’m in ‘love’ with a girl that I saw through a window for 5 seconds! He would think that I was crazy!)

Zayn: It’s about those girls…isn’t it?

Niall: How did you know?

Zayn: Come on Niall! We are like brothers! Of course I know.

Niall: I just wish sometimes that I wasn’t famous so that I could talk to girls without them screaming in my face or without a body-guard next to me all the time. You know?

Zayn: Of course. Maybe they will be at the concert! You never know…

Niall: Yea. Ok. Thanks Zayn. I love you man.

Zayn: I love you too Nialler. Now, come play video games with me and the boys!!

Niall: Okay!!

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