Taking Chances

Alex is just a normal girl. Average, brown hair, brown eyes, three best friends - Katie, Elly and Paisley. But what happens when she runs into her celebrity crush Niall Horan on vacation? Will she be able to love him after what happens? Will they be ale to find love?


11. Going away...

Nialls POV:

Alex was leaving today. I told the boys and the next morning we headed off to take her to the air port. She sat next to me and we had to take to cars because all the boys insisted on coming along to say good-bye. I got out of the car and helped Alex with her luggage. Once we got in she said a teary good-bye to her friends and hugged each of the boys. I wanted to cry. It was only two weeks though. I had to give her a hug before she left though. I pulled her off to the side. 

Alex: Nialler! Are you-are you crying?!

Niall: What! No.. Allergy's.

Alex: Uh-huh... Well it's only like 2 weeks! I'll be back before you know it Nialler. Give me a horan hug before you make me cry too.

Niall: Oh and before i forget. Here is a little gift for you. 

I had bought her a necklace that had a 'forever' symbol on it. I wanted to get her a heart but she might have thought that would be a little too weird. She smiled and jumped up and down and had me attach it for her. She was so cute. She came over a kissed me on my cheek saying 'thank you' and we hugged for at least 5 minutes. It was like time stopped. I loved it. She always smelled so good. Her long hair got tangled in my fingers. I loved how her head laid in the crook of my neck. She made me feel at home. Safe. Happy. She said goodbye one last time and left into the crowd of people. This was going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life! 


Paisley's POV:

I couldn't believe I got to be with one direction AND my best friends! This was fate, it had to be. Harry had always been my personal favourite of the band. His big green eyes were captivating! The way his curly, brown hair bounced was so cute! I loved all the boys but Harry was special to me, plus he had an AMAZING voice! (they all did)  I said my goodbyes to Alex and once we couldn't see her any more, we headed back home. harry sat by me on the car ride home which was nice. *I had butterflies the whole time* He asked me loads of questions! Like, 'what was my favourite color', 'favourite band besides 1D', 'favourite food', 'favourite song', foods I didn't like', 'hidden talents'. I told him that I loved to draw and go running. Zayn heard that I liked drawing so he joined in on our conversation. In the end we had a "draw-off" I guess and we each had to draw Harry in five minutes. Liam decided it was a tie. Harry insisted on keeping my drawing! haha. The car ride was about 45 minutes long so once we got back it was time for a late lunch. Harry and I cooked some pasta and meatballs while Liam made some lemonade. After we ate we were going to play some messy twister which is just like regular twister but with paint on the circles. Its amazing. We all changed into our bathing suits and Liam grabbed the paint. Louis and Elly started off. He began by saying "I am the masta' at twista'!" Louis won (obviously)  So next up against Louis was Liam. Louis and Liam both fell at the same time so they were both out. Harry got ready and told me to go with him. I did as I was told and took my place. After a few minutes, my hands and feet were covered in paint as were Harry's. Harry was twisted underneath me somehow near my belly. I slipped and fell right on top of Harry's stomach. He fell down too. We both laid there laughing historically on top of each other. My face was covered in red paint so I grabbed some blue paint off of the mat and smeared it on Harry's. This. was. war! The next thing I knew Zayn and Katie threw paint all over Niall. Louis jumped on Liam so they were all fighting in a big huddle, all on top of one another. Elly was in the middle! Harry and I hid behind a large rock.

Harry: Are you okay?

Paisley:Yup. 1...2...3!!! CHARGE! 

We ran and tackled all of them to the ground which was easy to do because they were still all huddled together attacking each other. Paul yelled at us for getting paint all over everything in the back yard and told us to wash up and come inside. The boys had vocal rehearsals. The tour started in just 3 weeks! I was super excited! We took he hose from the garden and sprayed each other off. The boys were so much fun! I went up to my room which was near to Alex and Nialls rooms. Alex put me there so that I could be closer to her but she was gone so soon. I was changing to take a shower so I put my music on shuffle and let the hot water travel down my body. I washed my make-up off and scrubbed my hair. When I came out  of the shower I heard a knock on my door. "Hang on! I yelled!" I threw my towel on and opened my door. "OH! HARRY! I thought you were Katie or Elly! I'm-I'm sorry! Let me uh-um get changed! I was beat red! I just opened my door to Harry freakin' Styles in a-a towel! I quickly changed into this:


Harry: Hey, are you ready?

Paisley: For??

Harry: For rehersals. You work for me.

Paisley :Ya..... Okay. Let me put my makeup on and I'll be ready.

Harry: Can I come in?

Paisley: Sure.

Harry: You know, you don't need makeup. You look beautiful without it. 

Paisley: Ya right! Thanks though. *giggles*

Harry: It's true! hey! Don't laugh at me! *made a little pouty face*

He quickly got up and stood up and put himself in between me and the bathroom.He told me that "I couldn't pass until i gave him a really long hug"I tried pushing him but he was too strong for me! Finally i gave him a hug and we stayed there like that for another minute or two until Louis called for Harry from downstairs. Harry ran off to help Louis but not before looking at me whit his big, green eyes and kissing my cheek. After rehersals we wlaked in to the house and we couldn't believe what we saw!...

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