Taking Chances

Alex is just a normal girl. Average, brown hair, brown eyes, three best friends - Katie, Elly and Paisley. But what happens when she runs into her celebrity crush Niall Horan on vacation? Will she be able to love him after what happens? Will they be ale to find love?


3. Day of the signing

Chapter 3:

PS:here is Alexs outfit from chapter 2:





Alexs POV:


I was woken up to Katie screaming “TODAY IS THE ONE DIRECTION SIGHNING!!!” with Eli chasing her around my bed.


Alex: SHUT UP! Its only 8:00 in the MORNING!


Katie: Sorry!


Elly: sorry (she said while she elbowed Katie in the ribs)


Katie: Ow! JERK! (Elly just smiled evilly)


Elly: SO what do you want to do before the sighning?


Alex: Eat, sleep, and repeat.


Katie: YAYAYYYAYAYAY! Its official! So let’s go look at the six flats they’ve set up for us!


Alex: fine…


About 6 hours later we had seen all of the flats. Lets just get to the point…


1-hated it

2-liked it

3-hated it

4-hated it

5-loved it



Flat five was awesome! It was in a really nice neighborhood only a few streets away from a mansion! It had four good sized bedrooms, two bathrooms, a terrace, a good sized living room, a community pool(with a slide), laundry room, a Jacuzzi bathtub and it was spread out through two stories. My bedroom was the bigger one of the two and I was going to have it painted three walls a cream/brown color with the wall that my bed would be pushed up against a turquoise/green color. Katie would have the same but with a purple color instead of turquoise and Elly was going to have pinkish and cream white stripes all around her room. So of course we bought that one, it was PERFECT!


Elly: What time is it?


Katie: 4:30 p.m


Alex: Oh my gosh! We have to go! The signing is at 5:45!


Elly: I say we skip it…




Elly: Fine, sheesh…


So we got in the taxi and drove away.


Nialls POV:


Paul: Come on boys. We start the signing in an hour and fifteen minutes. There are already about 100 to 200 girls lined up. To get through them all we will have to not let anyone else in. Okay?


Zayn: no. Let’s just start early and then we can get more girls in. What do you think boys?


Niall: Of course.


Liam: Alright.


Louis: OOOOO-KKKKK!!! (he said singing like an idiot)


Harry: Always. More girls to meet!!!


Paul: Fine. Get ready. I will go tell the maintenance to announce it.


I was really excited. I knew those girls were fans and maybe she could be here. Then I could get her number or something!  Man. I don’t think I’ve been this excited ever!


Zayn: Calm down mate! We’ve done this many times before. Is there to many people? Are you nervous?


Niall: Ya! I mean… what if those girls are here!?


Zayn: You are a hopeless romantic Niall…what are we ever going to do with you? Ha-ha.


Alex’s POV:


Alex: Oh no! They have already started but there are still like 2,000 girls here!


Elly: You’re being dramatic. I’d say about 200/250 girls at the most.


Katie: Elly! You don’t have anything of one direction to get signed!


Elly: So? I said that I would come, not ‘fan-girl’ like you losers!


Katie: Rude, choosing to ignore that for now. Alex! Quick! Go buy something for Elly and we will stay in line!


Elly: Noooo!


Both: Yeees!


To get to the gift shop I had to push past girls giving me dirty looks to make it up to the stairs to the second floor to the 1D gift shop. I bought Elly a T-shirt that said “be my Louis and I’ll be your Harry”. I giggled thinking about Elly wearing it…


Nialls POV:



There were so many girls! Most of them crying and/or asking me to marry them. Man! I hope that girl isn’t this crazy (If she is here)



Niall: huh? What?


Zayn: Look up!


There she was. She was here. So close! Maybe she was getting in line. I quickly told Zayn my plan and he told the other boys who told Paul. I wasn’t going to let her get away this time. Paul agreed to my plan thankfully. I was practically bouncing up and down in my chair for the next 2 hours knowing that ‘she’ was close!


Alex’s POV:


Alex: Oh Elly my dear friend. Come look what I bought you!


Before she could protest I quickly shoved it into her hands. I was expecting her to throw it or something but as she read it I think that I actually saw her smile a little! That is, until she saw me catching on. Then she pretended like she “hated it but loved us so she would wear it” (liar!)


Katie: Its 5:45 and there are probably 100 more girls ahead of us!


Alex: I know! And I am so hungry! I need foooood!


Katie: No! You can’t risk having stinky sandwich breathe while you talk to them!


Alex: Fine. I hate you by the way.


About 2 hours later… yes 2 HOURS later we were about 20th in line and there was at least 45 more minutes of the signing to go so I wasn’t worried about getting in. but I was starving! Obviously ;)


Alex: NEED.FOOD.OR.DIE!   NEED.FOOD.OR.DIE!  Helloooo? Are you both ACTUALLY ignoring me?! *waits for response* Huh! You are!! I’m so hurt! (I started fake crying for effect)


Katie: Oh, sorry. You’re just saying that your hungry…repeatedly. If I listened to you I might have punched you in the face.  You should be thankful.


Alex: Oh, um… thanks?


Elly: 5 more girls and we’re in! YAY!!!


Both: Oh my gosh. You.just.FANGIRLED!


Elly: What? Did I say that out loud!?  


Katie: Yup! Elly loves Louis! Elly loves Louis!


Elly: Stop it! Ugg! You are asking for it! (she said while shaking her fist in the air at Katie. We all burst out laughing though at her trying to look scary while she was so excited)


We started walking up to the table but when we did all of there expressions changed. Like, shock I guess. Before I could move closer Paul (Yes I know his name, obviously!) told us to step aside and quickly pulled us away to another room set up behind the boys. What was going on!? I just wanted to go up, say hi, get my stuff signed and leave. But, no. I’m here with Paul! *No offence to Paul* When I asked Paul why we were here he was all ‘mysterious’ and just said we were to wait here for the next hour on “One Directions orders” Like I was supposed to know what THAT meant!


Paul: Sorry, I can’t say more. If you’re hungry the food table is over there. Help yourselves.






Nialls POV:


There they were. I was in shock I guess because I couldn’t move. Paul knew what to do but I felt so bad for them. They looked so scared, like they thought they were in trouble. Haha. It was cute though. The look on her face nearly killed me but I was happy to know that I could talk to her in less than an hour! And properly meet each other. About 5 minutes later I could faintly hear a girl (who I assumed was ‘her’ because of how much she ordered at Nandos) scream “yes food!”  If that really was her, we were gonna get along real well!



Alexs POV:


Paul: Uh, you want more?


Alex: No, I’m fine thanks!


Katie: You ate all the sandwiches! And pizza?!?!


Alex: What? I was hungry!


Paul: Right. So, get ready. The boys will be back here in about 15 minutes okay?


Elly: Wait. What? Here?  Now? What?


Elly ran and jumped on Paul giving him a huge hug. Wait, what! Elly? Ha, she is totally a directioner… score!


*15 minutes later*

-play it cool, play it cool-



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