Taking Chances

Alex is just a normal girl. Average, brown hair, brown eyes, three best friends - Katie, Elly and Paisley. But what happens when she runs into her celebrity crush Niall Horan on vacation? Will she be able to love him after what happens? Will they be ale to find love?


14. <3 Harry is falling? <3

 Harrys POV:

I set my alarm for 7:00 so that I could surprise Paisley with breakfast in bed. I started after I had brushed my teeth. I was just wearing my boxers and my plaid, blue PJ pants. I made some chocolate chip pancakes *her favourite* some eggs, a waffle and starbucks mix coffee. I put it all on a breakfast tray with a flower before going up to Pasiley's room. I knocked and waited until I heard her sleepily say 'come in.' I opened the door and stepped inside. " Hey sleepy-head" I said. She was wearing a striped t-shirt and her green silk monkey pyjamas she always wore, I laid it on her lap and sat down next to her while sipping my tea. I laughed watching her fill each and every square on her waffle with syrup and butter! "Don't laugh at me! I know I eat things weird!"    "No, It's cute" I told her. She blushed a little before turning her head back to the food to try and hide her now red cheeks. She gave me one of her chocolate chip pancakes that she couldn't finish. It was about 9:30 by the time she finished eating. We stayed there talking for a while longer before we were interrupted by Niall wanting breakfast. 

Harry: Would you like to go to McDonalds with me to get breakfast for everyone?

Paisley: Sure! I'd love to. Just let me change. So... you can leave now...while I change.

Harry: Oh, yea, right. Sorry. i'll go change too.

10 minutes later she came out looking like this:

(    http://www.polyvore.com/mc_donald/set?id=85947487   )

We spent the 10 minutes driving to Mcdonalds singing to the radio. When "Live While We're Young"  came on, Paisley got really excited so we both belted out the lyrics. "I love this song!"  She kept saying. We pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered. When we pulled up to the window there was a pretty girl about, 18 years old who asked to take a picture and I signed her shirt. She was very nice. A good, sweet fan! We paid and pulled up to the second window to get the food, She was excited to see me as she gave me my food (and her number. Typical) but once she noticed paisley smiling next to me, she changed. She started calling her nasty things like 'fat' 'ugly' 'witch' and other not so nice things. I drove off and paisley just stared out her window. I pulled over into a parking lot to talk to her but she wouldn't make a sound. She finally turned around and I saw tears streaming down her face. She told me she was always a little insecure and was bullied when she was younger. I had no idea! She was gorgeous, sweet, funny. How could anybody be mean to her?  I gave her a hug and she turned the music up as I started driving again. I hadn't noticed but she had intertwined our fingers for the rest of the drive. I wouldn't let anybody hurt her ever again. no one...

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