I've Been Waiting For You All My Life

Read, to find out...


3. Other Characters

Name: Christian White

Age: 18

Nationality: half American and half Italian

Favourite Colour: Black

Appearance: Black hair, green eyes, snake bites

Likes: his little sister girls, football, music, and food.

Dislikes: bullies, fakes, tattoos and liars

Sibling/s: Charlotte White


Name: Emily Evans

Age: 17

Nationality: Canadian

Favourite Colour: purple

Appearance: brown hair, grey eyes, glasses, nose, tongue and belly button pierce and a flock of birds tattooed on my stomach.

Likes: reading, dancing, football and tattoos

Dislikes: Bullies, spiders and dogs

Best friends:

Siblings: Jace and Sam


Name: Jake Matthews

Age: 18

Nationality: American

Favourite Colour: green

Appearance: blue hair and blue eyes; a nose and double lip pierce

Likes: Girls, food, parting, rock music, reading and being cute

Dislikes: bullies, people calling him a goth/emo, girls with too much make up

Best friends: Jace, Daniel, Aston & Dimitri

Siblings: None


Name: Daniel Brooks

Age: 18

Nationality: American

Favourite Colour: blue

Appearance: blond hair, blue eyes, tattooed

Likes: twin brother, friends, rapping, and singing and football

Dislikes: bullies, bitches, fakes, and parents

Best friends: Jace, Dimitri, Jake, and Aston

Siblings: Twin brother Aston


Name: Aston Brooks

Age: 18

Nationality: American

Favourite Colour: rainbow

Appearance: Like his twin brother Daniel minus the tattoos

Likes: boys, romance, shopping, dancing and his brother

Dislikes: his parents, homophobic’s, bullies and girls with too much make up.

Best friends: Jace, Daniel, Dimitri, Jake, and Emily

Siblings: Twin brother Daniel


Name: Dimitri Payette

Age: 18

Nationality: half French and half American

Favourite Colour: gold and brown

Appearance: white blond hair, green and blue eyes, kinda tall

Likes: family, friends, swimming.

Dislikes: not knowing if he’s straight or gay, sluts, bullies, fakes and needles.

Best friends: Aston, Daniel, Jace, and Jake.

Siblings: None

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