I've Been Waiting For You All My Life

Read, to find out...


2. Jace Evans

Sup dudes; its Jace here, but I prefer to be called Jay. I‘m 18 years old and I’m Canadian; we moved here to America when I was 9 years old. I have dirty blonde hair and grey eyes, I’m 6ft.3in. I have dolphin bites and an eyebrow pierce, also a couple of tattoos; the word love on my neck, stars on my fingers and wrist and finally some Japanese designs on my chest.


My favourite colours are blue and pink – yes pink, you got a problem? No? Thought so. I love basketball. Hockey and table tennis, I also like rapping – nobody knows though. I know how to play the drums and the guitar, and my pink and black ferrari; my favourite singers are BVB, Lil’ Wayne and BOTDF, Eminem and BVB.


The best friends are Jake, Daniel, Aston and Dimitri. I live with my mum, Sister Emily and little brother Sam. I hate; bullies, sluts, players, and girls who wear too much make-up. School? I already got a basketball scholarship, and got the B’s and C’s I deserve – I’m super duper fine with that baby, so all’s good.


I would say I’m one of the most popular guys in school, I’m captain of the basketball team, and have all these girls after me, yes I know I’m vain but who cares? And no I’m not those everyday jocks you hear about. Sorry :P. I heard that there’s gonna be a new boy and girl in school, wonder if she’s hot ;).


I’m currently single and looking for the right girl ;) I bet you want to be that girl. Am I right? Or am I right? That’s all from me now see you later alligator.

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