I've Been Waiting For You All My Life

Read, to find out...


1. Charlotte White

Hey there lovelies the names Charlotte White, you can call me Charlie, Char, Lottie or whatever floats your boat. I’m 17 years young; soon to be 18. I’m half American and half Italian I’ve got fiery red hair – Dyed obviously and green eyes; and I’m kinda tall – 5ft.8in. Just to be precise.


I’ve got snake bites, a nose, tongue and bellybutton pierce, and I got 7 tattoos – my families name on my wrist, a group of butterflies on the side of my belly, vines and roses going up my legs, my name on my fingers, stars going from behind my ears - down to my neck, my zodiac sign and an assortment of balls (don’t get any ideas). My favourite colour is red – as you can see from my hair.


I don’t really have a best friend’s coz I just moved into the neighbourhood, I’m hoping I could make a couple of new friends in this new school; hmmm I wonder if there’s gonna be any hotties around.


I love all kinds of sports mainly swimming and basketball, also I like singing but not in front of people, and I absolutely love reading, shopping, and dancing and how can i forgot i absoloutly adore my red lamborghini. My favourite singers are one direction, BOTDF and Justin Bieber. My daddy taught me how to play the guitar, keyboard and the drums.


I live with my daddy and older brother Christian, mums not with us coz she died in a plane crashL, that’s really the main reason we moved, I’m quite glad to be honest, no one really liked me in my old school as I was known as the overweight geek freak who finished her exam a year before everyone. I extremely despise; fakes, players, bullies, smokers and liars. Finally if you’re wondering I’m single and ready to mingle. That’s all from me, stay beautifulJ.

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