I've Been Waiting For You All My Life

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6. Chapter 3

Still Charlotte’s P.O.V


“Can we go to the basketball court first? I wanna shoot some hoops.” “Sure we can.” replied Emily.


Third Person’s P.O.V


(Car Drive)


The twins Aston and Daniel were arguing about who’s going to sit at the front when Jace drops them off home. Dimitri is just listening to his music and staring out of the window. Jake is talking to Jace, but he gets no reply.


Jace’s P.O.V


I couldn’t help but think about that girl all day. The way she flipped her perfect red hair, the way she smirked – that reminds me, did she here what I said before she took her seat. Oh my gosh, I think I might be falling for this girl, no it can’t be, I don’t even know her properly, but I could… Shut up Jace, she’s the enemy. She did humiliate you in front of the whole class, but you did deserve it, all she did was take your parking space, and you went crazy for god sake. “What is wrong with me?”


“Jace… Jace… Jace what’s wrong with you bro; you’ve been quiet all day and now your not even listening to me.” Said Jake. “Oh sorry Jake I was just thinking about something.” “About what?” he says. “Nothing.” I reply. “I bet it’s the new girl?” Jake says in a teasing voice. “Oh shut up man, why would you think that?” “Its coz you’re usually so full of energy and fun to stay with, but today your acting totally love struck.” “No I ain’t.” “Errrrr… yeah you are” “just leave it, would you.” “Fine. I’m just worried about.” “You know I love you, but you seriously don’t need to worry about me; I can take care of my self.” “Awe you said you love me and okay.” Jake says in a really creepy girl’s voice. “Guys dyu wanna go shoot some hoops?” “Yeah yeah.” They chorused back. “We’re here.” I shouted.


When we got there I saw a girl sitting on the bench listening to music – she looked a lot like Emily, a girl with red hair shooting some hoops – one after another & a guy dribbling a ball; talking to the red hair girl. The girls with the red hair looked kinda familiar, but I couldn’t quite put my finger in it. All the guys were cheering; I wonder what’s going on? The guys ran up to the red haired chick – shouting “dude that was awesome.” I went to see what was going on and to my surprise I noticed the girl right away – it was the new girl, charlotte. I think I should say sorry to her.


Charlotte’s P.O.V


When we got to the court, I decided to shoot some hoops. While I was doing my thing, Emily was just sitting down listening to music and Chris was dribbling his ball, while talking to me, but I wasn’t really listening just nodding my head when I had to. I got the ball into the basket; one after another. Out of nowhere I could here cheering and a group of boys about the same age as me running towards me. I wonder what they want. One of the boys I recognised as Aston started jumping up and down and shouted “Oh Em Gee dude that was awesome.” “Err thank you.” Ahh I wonder where Jace is; then I see him strolling towards us – here he is.


“Hi Charlotte; err I just want to say that I’m really sorry about this morning, I wasn’t in the mood and I took it out on you.” he says while scratching the back of his head awkwardly. “Hey Jace, it’s alright and I’m sorry for being rude too, you play basketball right?” “yup, that’s right, How bout a game?” he replied back.” “Okay; me, Christian and Ashton against you, Dimitri and Jake?” “You’re on!”


(Skipping the game)


“Yaaaaay! We won. In your face Jace, yous lost and now it’s forfeit time.” “Hey that’s not fair, you didn’t tell us that there was gonna be a forfeit.” He shouted. “Don’t be a chicken *chicken dance*” “Fine… fine we’ll do it, what’s the forfeit.” “Your forfeit is to run around naked when we’re at the mall.” “Can we keep our boxers on?” “Nope.” I shouted, sticking my tongue out. “Pwetty pwease” he says while sticking his bottom lip out and puppy dog eyes. OMG he looks sooo cute. Shut up charlotte, don’t say that, you can’t be falling for him; he’ll just break your heart. “Fine. I’ll let you keep your boxers on.” I say giving in. “YES! Thank you so much, love you.” Shit, did he just say he loves me? Charlotte what gotten into you, he didn’t mean it like that; he’s just trying to say thanks in a nicer way.


Jace P.O.V


“YES! Thank you so much, love you.” Oh shit did I just say that to her. Well I know I’m falling for her but this is like too soon, to be saying those 3 words. Hopefully she takes it in a friendly way, Even though I secretly don’t want her to. Gosh! What’s wrong with me, she’s my sister’s best friend and that’s going against the rules, coz like I told her that she wasn’t allowed to go out with any of my mates even though I know Jake and Daniel have a crush on her.


“So when are we going to the mall.” “Well that depends: do you wanna go and do it now or later?” she asked. “I think we should go now; get it over and done with; don’t you think so guys?” “Yeah I think so” they chorused. “We have to take both the cars, mine ain’t big enough.”


Charlotte’s P.O.V


“We need a seating arrangement. There are 8 seats between us and there are 7 of us. Jace, Aston and Dimitri are going to be in my car and the rest of you guys will go in Jace’s car.” “Hey, no ones allowed to drive my baby apart from me, so you need to change the seating arrangement.” “LOL! Your baby - Jace would you for the love of god stop acting like a child. Let your sister drive the car and I need to make sure you guys don’t do a run from the forfeit.” “Fine, Emily can drive my car.” “Yaaaaay, I get to drive his car. He never lets me touch his ‘baby’.” Screamed Emily. “If there’s a single scratch on sandy, you’ll never wish you were born, my little sister.” “Dude what’s wrong with you, first you call it your baby and now you call it sandy” I said. “Oh shut up” Jace says. “Christian; why so quiet?” “Nothing, just tired sis.” “Oh okay love. Come on guys let’s go.” “I call shot gun.” Screamed Jace at the top of his lung, running out of the court and to my car. Hahaha; funny guy, I laughed to myself. “Okay then, you can sit in the front with me.” I say winking. Oh my days did he just blush, I wondered.


Jace’s P.O.V


OMG! OMG! I get to sit next to her and she winked at me and I just blushed a bright red – I bet I looked like a tomato, my life this must be my lucky day. Gosh, What on earth is wrong with me, I’m acting like such a girl.

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