I've Been Waiting For You All My Life

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5. Chapter 2

Still Charlotte's P.O.V


"…97, 98, 99, 100; so that’s where you are, now what was the stupid combination” I muttered to myself. I go through the stuff that the receptionist gave, ahh here it is. I put in the combination and it doesn’t open. “Hey there sexy lady (licking lips), I see you struggling, need any help baby.” “Firstly I’m NOT your baby, secondly do I look like a piece of meat to you and thirdly I think I can manage thank you very much.” “Feisty, me likey, just let me help.” “Haven’t you got it through your head or do I have to spell it out for you – I. Don’t. Need. Any. Help. I think I can manage. GOSH!” “Suit yourself hot stuff” he’ says winking. Finally he’s gone, thank you god. I put my bag in and grabbed my phone, a pen and my schedule. Homeroom first, then Economics, Chemistry, Algebra II, World History, Physics, Italian & Calculus. This is going to be interesting, I wonder where Christian is, he said he’ll see me in a few.


Room 89; ahh here it is ‘homeroom.’ As I walked in, the whole room became quiet and everyone just stared, I could hear a few whispers: “who is she.” “that’s the new girl.” “she’s pretty.” “She’s mine.” “Settle down class, today we have a new student and her name is Charlotte, I want you all to welcome her. Emily I would like you to take care of Miss White for me please raises your hands so she can see you.” I looked around the classroom and saw a cute girl with brown hair, grey eyes with huge rimmed frames and a nose pierce holding out her hands in the air. Hmmm…I wonder why she’s sitting by herself she seems nice.


As I was about to take my space next to the pretty girl. Some boy, might I say a very hot one with dirty blond hair, grey eyes, dolphin bites, eyebrow pierces and a couple of tattoos bursts into the room screaming, “who the fuck parked their cheap car in my space! The red Lamborghini, if you don’t move it now you’ll regret stepping foot at this school!” “Excuse me, that ‘cheap’ Lamborghini which by the way costs $191,900 belongs to me! I really doubt you’ll do something to me coz your all talk and no action.” I said poking him on the shoulder with my finger until his back was touching the wall behind him. He just stares at me mouth wide open, as if no one dared to talk to him like that. “Exactly what I thought. Now do us a favour and close your mouth before something goes in it.” I said as I stalk back to the seat I was told to sit in. as I was about to sit down I heard him whisper “sorry.


(Skipping to last period).


Throughout the day me and Emily became closer; we played 21 questions, which lead me to find out that the hot guy I screwed at is named Jace and is Emily’s older brother who had to re–take senior year like Christian my brother; I also learnt that she lived with her mum, Jace and little brother Sam. She works at the local supermarket, she’s got a tattoo, her navels is pierced, her friends are her brother and his mates, she loves to dance and play football, her fave colour is purple and she’s scared of dogs – it’s a shame coz I got a brown jack Russell – he’s so adorable. Anyways I’ve kinda got a feeling that both, Emily and Christian, like each other – do you think I should ask her? What if she denies it? It’s worth a shot.


All in all school was great, made a lots of new friends, everyone’s really nice and they all seem to get along well. Me and Em shared all the same classes with my brother, her brother and his mates – I think me and Jace can be friends. “YAY!” I think I like him. Anyways we went our separate ways to our lockers which were a bit far from each other and decided to meet at my car in 10 minutes. When I arrived to my car, I could see Em and Chris waiting patiently for me. “Sorry I’m late guys; this stupid bag is so heavy, got lots of homework.” “Same here” they both chorused. “Charlotte I was wondering if you and Christian would like to come round my house and hang out so we can get to know more about each other –

My brother and his mates are gonna be there too.” She said looking at Chris. “Sure, lemme give our dad a call and see if its okay with him. I dialled the number and waited for him to pick up the phone, on the fourth ring he picked up his cell.


Phone Conversation:


Dad: Hello darling.

Me: Hey Daddy.

Dad: How was the first day of school? & did you make any new friends?

Me: Calm down daddy; school was great and yes i mad a few new friends, I’ll tell you about her later.

Dad: Sorry Sweetie.

Me: It’s alright, anyways i was wondering if Christian could go to one of our mate’s house?

Dad: sure yous can, have fun and when will yous be back home.

Me: I’ll text you when we’re on our way back.

Dad: bye baby, love you and tell your bro I said hi.

Me: bye daddy, i love you too and sure will do.


“Daddy said we can come round; hope your parents won’t mind.” “Naah, she’d be delighted to see me bring a girl mate home with me.”

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