I've Been Waiting For You All My Life

Read, to find out...


4. Chapter 1

Charlotte's P.O.V


“Charlotte, get your lazy ass outta bed or your going to be late for your first day of school, you don’t want to be late now do you?”  Christian said, who is also known as my older asshole of a brother and he had to come in and ruining all chances of getting the best possible sleep ever

“5 more minutes” I said with a grunt

“Jheez man you said that like 10 minutes ago” Christian said and I could sense that little hint of annoyance

“I don’t care, just leave me alone and I’ll wake up in a bit” I muttered before turning around and getting comfortable in my lovely warm bed

“Okay if that’s what you want, I’ll let you be” I heard footsteps retreat out my room

“Thank you Christian” Finally he’s gone, now I can go back to my peaceful sleep – thank god. As I my eyes started to drop, a drench of cold water hit me, soaking me wet.

“CHRISTIAAAAN!!! What the fuck is wrong with you man, why’d you do that for? Now I’m going to get Hypothermia or even Pneumonia, and if I die it’s going to be all your fault” I sat straight in the bed with my arms around me in some attempt to get my body warmed up and my legs crossed over one another

 “Good next time you’ll know to listen to me and, does it look like I give a shit, women” Christian had a amusing smirk plastered onto his flawless face

“Gosh no need to be rude, I’m awake now and your going to be dead meat once we come back from school.”


I slid off the bed and walked into my en-suit bathroom. I undressed myself and hopped into the shower, the hot water soothing my body. After a couple of minutes the water went warm, I turned it off and jumped outta the shower, wrapping myself in a warm fuzzy towel. I walked back to my room and walked into my giant walk in closet. I put on my black lace bra with matching panties. Shuffling through the closet, I finally found a pair of dark-washed skinnies, a pink tank top, and a plain black cardigan, paired with my favourite black heeled boots. I put on a bit of blush, some mascara and some gloss, my red dyed hair in a messy bun and I was ready to go. I grabbed my school bag, phone and car keys and went downstairs to see my dad and brother drinking coffee.


“Chrissie went did you start drinking coffee?” I asked with a smile but behind that smile I was laughing my head off because he never ever likes being called that, too girly

“How many times did I tell you not to call me that, and its none of your business little sis” He gave me a stare and then returned to taking a big gulp of his freshly made coffee

“Calm your tits bro, I was only asking.” As I grabbed an apple off the fruit bowl, I kissed my dad on the cheeks.

“Bye daddy, see you after school. Chris, you coming or should I leave you behind.” I smiled at my dad and he politely returned it. Got to love my dad

“Hold on a sec, I’ll be out in a minute, bye dad.” My dad nodded at him

"Bye Hun. Bye Chris and have fun" Shutting the door behind me I walked to my red Lamborghini; and waited for my brother to come out. When he finally came, I started the engine and off we went to our first day of school in utter and complete silent. I wonder if I make friends, I never had any at my old school, coz I was known as the overweight geek freak.

“We’re here” Christian shouted in my ears.

“Oh my days you don’t need to scream in my ear, I’m right next to you and does it look like I’m blind, I can see.” I drove around for a few seconds looking for a spot to park my baby, eventually I found the place and parked my darling in carefully. As we got out, everyone turned around and just stared at us for the longest time, eyes wide and mouths hanging open, as if we were some sort of celebrities.


We walked inside the fairly large school and looked for the reception. I knocked on the door

“Come in” the sound of the lady's voice sounded reassuring, the huge friendly looking receptionist, sat on her overflowing desk.

“What can I do for you darlings?” The lady questioned

“Erm… were the new students,” I said while my brother stood quietly beside me examining the new surroundings of our school

“Hmmm… I see, what are your names sweeties” She smiled brightly

“I’m Charlotte and this is my brother Christian.” I shoved my brother slightly to introduce himself, I mean he doesn't me to introduce him, he is very capable of doing that himself

"Uh... Yeah, I'm Christian" He showed off his straight white teeth as he grinned at her

“Welcome to Blossomheight high, here are your timetables and locker combinations, have a great day.” After shuffling around the papers on her desk she picked up two pieces of paper and handed both of us our schedules and a little slip with our combinations

“Thank you Miss?” I took the papers and handed my brother his one

“It’s Mrs Martin and my pleasure.” She replied calmly and then returned back to her daily job, while me and Christian disappeared into the empty school corridors

“I’ll catch you later bro, try not to be late to homeroom.” I hugged him tight before I released him

 “Alright sis, see ya in a bit” – kissing his sister on the cheeks at that point we both took off at our separate ways.

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