the return of the revenge of dr crestino

the first ever book that you will read of wags is right here. an amazing adventure to stop evil vampire samantha and he boy friend daneil from destoying the world.
Note: Most characters are copied from other films and games so that the combination of existing personalities make the story more exiting. Examples of character origins include: Saints Row The Third, Cats & Dogs 2, Call Of Duty and May include some caninified celebs.

Thanks for reading.


4. wags 4

“Now Butch lets not do any thing you’re going to regret in the future, ok?” Peek squired. “Oh shut it you!!” growled Butch as he approached them. But just as butch was about to lash out at them, Lou spotted two genki’s eating super ethical pie. Then Lou realized that pie is the antidote to every thing. So Louie leaped over Butch and swiped Genki’s pie, and then he threw it at Butch. The impact of the pie  short-circuited the machine in side Butch, then a huge electric shock zapped off of Butch “aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrr!!” Butch screamed as he fell to the ground.


As he lay on the ground unconscious all of the bugs crawled out from under him, and ran at Peek. But just be for the bugs could take Peeks body another pie flew passed Lou and flattened the bugs. “Take that you small unethical creepy crawlies!” genki said as he jumped up and down. Then Peek drew his attention to Lou who was crouching down next to Butch. “Butch?” Louie asked. Then peek kneeled down to join Lou. “Is he going to be ok Lou?” peek asked “well he’s got a pulse so he’s alive!” sail Lou.


Then thankfully butch gave a big sigh. “Oh what happened?” he asked. “Butch!” Louie and peek said together as they all hugged him. “Ok ok you can get off now!” laughed Butch. “Oh come on, you mutts worked out how to get him out!” said Daniel stressfully. “Come with us Doc you know the bad guy’s always lose!” explained Peek. “No way Peek I will ever come with you and that’s final!” He said as he got onto his scooter. “! P.s, c dog !” said Louie pressing a button on the scooter, which popped up his “! Mind-jacker!” it zapped dr crestino making him pass out for a little then he awoke.


“Where am I, who am i?” then he looked around and saw that he was in Seaville aqua fun park. “Id like you all to meet fluffy the Chinese crested” said the show ring worker. “Really my name is fluffy” Dr c said still very confused.


Meanwhile in Louie's house” well I am just glad that Mrs Jennifer was there to take us all back to my place!” said Lou, leaning back on his chair.” It sure was Lou” agreed butch. “Err Lou do you think my brother is happy were he is?” asked Peek.  “Peek why do you always have a question to ask?” he said as he raised an eye brow at Peek.

“Whatever you two, well I am going home ok see ya!”   Butch said as he left Lou’s house. “Well ill better be off as well then I have to see Rachel!” Peek said as he stood up to leave the house. “Bye Lou” said Peek, “ok, have a nice day!” Louie said as he watched peek leave.  Then Lou drifted off to sleep as the sun went down, dreaming of what might happen tomorrow but most importantly will he ever go up stairs to his bed and snuggle to sleep with his wife Katherine.


Well you will never know until the next time

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