the return of the revenge of dr crestino

the first ever book that you will read of wags is right here. an amazing adventure to stop evil vampire samantha and he boy friend daneil from destoying the world.
Note: Most characters are copied from other films and games so that the combination of existing personalities make the story more exiting. Examples of character origins include: Saints Row The Third, Cats & Dogs 2, Call Of Duty and May include some caninified celebs.

Thanks for reading.


3. wags 3

wags 3


After the light had disappeared peek looked around to find Lou.” There you are peek, now tell me were are we?” Louie said as he approached peek. “Well we appear to be in a parallel universe”. Explained peek. Louie peered out of the door and saw two genki’s coming his way. He instantly hid behind the door whilst the genki’s passed then him and peek sneaked through the corridor. “Hay err peek if we are in a parallel universe doesn’t that mean there is two of us?” Lou asked. “Why yes” peek said.

“Iv'e got a good idea that butch is here” Louie said sniffing the ground.  Then Louie and peek ran down another corridor and entered a room were Louie could smell butch was. But butch was no were to be seen. “I was sure the scent was coming from here!” Lou said honestly. “Well he has been here because I can see him on these security cameras, but he seems to have been moved", peek replied.


Meanwhile in another room butch was tied to a chair. “Oh come on, not again!” he said just awakening from another sleeping dart. Then the doc walked into the room carrying a box. “What’s that?” butch asked. “Don’t be asking about that buster, now sit still and let these little creatures do the work ok!” dr crestino said whilst opening the box letting out a load of small bug looking things that crawled on to butch and absorbed into him. “! What the get them off!" Butch said tugging. “! Mwa Ha Ha Ha! dr c laughed as the bugs took over butch’s body.


“Come on peek I just heard butch scream, I think he is this way!” Louie said running down another corridor closely followed by peek. They entered a room and found butch sitting on a chair. “Butch?” peek said sounding very scared. As they approached him peek spotted Daniel. “its you” peek said joyfully. Then he rushed over to him and gave him a big hug. “Get off peek I now you’re my brother but I hate you now get off!” said Dr crestino shoving peek away like gone-off cheese but the doc would do that because he is allergic to cheese. “What have you done to butch crestino?” Louie demanded. “Why don’t you ask him yourself!” Dr c said as butch got up.



But butch didn’t look him self, he had robotic parts covering the left side of this face. “What on earth!” Louie said as butch ripped off the rope that was tying him to the chair. Then he stood up and then looked around then an electric charge went over him. “Oh hay Lou what happened I can hear an evil me in my head” said the good butch. “Well there are now 2 butches in one body, so he will switch from good butch to bad butch to bad butch to good”, dr c explained as another electric charge passed butch. “I will take over the world! First I will need….” The evil butch growled.



Then Louie slapped butch. “snap out of It buddy!” he said as the impact of the slap turned butch back to his good self. “ ouch that really hurt but I needed that!” thanked the good butch. But then an electric charge went through butch. “Now butch destroy peek and Louie” Dr crestino ordered. “Sure thing boss!” Butch growled. As he slowly approached louie and the shivering Chinese crested Peek, as he walked he cracked his knuckles to intimidate peek and Lou a little more. “Err peek options!” Louie said whilst peek hid behind him.

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