the return of the revenge of dr crestino

the first ever book that you will read of wags is right here. an amazing adventure to stop evil vampire samantha and he boy friend daneil from destoying the world.
Note: Most characters are copied from other films and games so that the combination of existing personalities make the story more exiting. Examples of character origins include: Saints Row The Third, Cats & Dogs 2, Call Of Duty and May include some caninified celebs.

Thanks for reading.


2. wags 2

Meanwhile in the secret base butch had just realized something. “Wait a minute didn’t we defeat Samantha and make her good?”He said feeling a bit confused. “Why yes you did butch!” said Dr crestino whilst entering the room. “Well how is she still a vampire then?” said butch still a little confused. “Well it’s a little complicated…. But ill tell you any way

Ok well right now you are in an alternative Universe and I sort of killed you so you never will stop Samantha in this future” said

dr c formally.


Out side in the normal world peek and Lou were at the main entrance, peek was trying to find a way in whilst Lou watched him. “Hay peek we need some grenades or something to get this door open” said Lou.

“But were are we going to get some of those?” peek asked. Suddenly a Lamborghini raced round the corner and did some drifts then stopped right in front of them. And out stepped slim wearing cool shades and said “sup I heard some one say that they needed some grenades!” he said pulling off his glasses. “Well stand back” he said. Then he charged towards the door pushing peek and Louie out of the way, then he choked up two grenades and lobed them at the door and then turned around and dived down. “!BANG!


When they all looked up the door was completely gone. “Why thanks slim!” peek said joyfully. Then slim turned around and put on his glasses, got back into the car “my work here is done!” and then he drove off. “Ok well let’s go in” said Lou. They both entered. The base was very dark, there seemed to be no one there. They approached a door saying teleport. “Cool a teleport!” said peek eagerly. When they entered there was a panel on the ground, Louie stepped on it whilst peek looked at the controls, then he accidentally pushed a button. Suddenly a bright light appeared around Lou and Louie disappeared, Peek immediately jumped in to follow Lou.

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