the return of the revenge of dr crestino

the first ever book that you will read of wags is right here. an amazing adventure to stop evil vampire samantha and he boy friend daneil from destoying the world.
Note: Most characters are copied from other films and games so that the combination of existing personalities make the story more exiting. Examples of character origins include: Saints Row The Third, Cats & Dogs 2, Call Of Duty and May include some caninified celebs.

Thanks for reading.


1. wags 1

It was the morning at the headquarters and Louie was so bored that he ended up playing a game of chess with Slim. To be honest Slim doesn’t really know how to play chess, so obviously Lou won. then he took a sip of his tea witch Vikki and Jamie had made him. But then just before Slim could demand a rematch an alarm siren went off.

“! Beep beep beep!”

“Oh no that’s the 'your arch enemy’s being evil' alarm” said Lou as he ran out of the room closely followed by Slim who took off like a f1 racing car. They approached the main computer. “Were is he “said Lou. “Oh he’s is in Denmark in Aarhus" said Peek. “Well, me and butch will go ok? Speaking of butch were is he?” said Lou.

Meanwhile in Denmark in a top secret lair, Butch finally awoke from a long sleep but when he looked around he noticed that he was tied to a pole. “Oh come on!” he said in frustration tying to wiggle out.

“There’s no point of trying cutie” said a voice coming from some were in the dark room. Then suddenly a female figure stepped out from the dark and into the light so he could see her. “Samantha”, said butch.

“You know you can’t keep me here for long”, said butch sarcastically.

“Oh yes I can I can do what ever I want”, Samantha said whilst stroking Butch's chin.” Ok now you wait here whilst I go and help the doc put part two of my plan into action” she said as she exited the room.

Meanwhile out side of Sam’s secret lair Louie and Peek were staring at the secret base of Samantha’s. “So err Lou, Butch is in there?” said peek.

“No peek we just travelled all the way from England to Denmark for no reason!” Louie said sarcastically. “Oh err sorry Lou and may I ask why you are in a disguise?” peek asked. “Well as you no I have been band from Denmark if you remember so I am not allowed to be here so I am in a disguise!” said Lou formally. “May I ask one more question?” asked peek. “Oh go on then” said Lou “how are we going to get in?” he asked.

“Oh yeah”, Lou said remembering why they were here in the first place.


To be continued...........................

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