mackenzie's story

Mackenzie Keene is a 10 year old girl whose been in an adoption center for 1 year now but little does she expect a surprise

hey guys this is my first movella so no hate on it please


4. the mall

Harry's P.O.V

"so were to next?"liam asked "the mall!!!!" me, louis and kitty yelled at the same time zayn and niall started chuckling at our outburst  "okay okay guys chill"liam said   -skip rest of car ride-

i was climbing out of the car when kitty jumped on my back "ONWARDS HAZZSTER!!" mackenzie yelled pointing towards the mall i started to run towards the mall


Liam's P.O.V

i saw mackenzie on harry's back pointing at the mall yelling "ONWARDS HAZZSTER!!" i chuckled at their childish attitude when i got into the mall i put on my beanie and sunglasses and walked towards apple store i walked towards the iphones hmm should i get her an ipohne 4s or iphone 5  i'll just get her an ipone 5 i walked towards the case section she said her Favorite colors were blue and black so i got her a case with a black background with a lightning bolt all the way down it and then purchased  them as i walked out i saw zayn walking around and harry and louis having a ...bra fight in la zenza?! then i saw mackenzie running away from niall so i decided to go and get furniture for mackenzie's room she needs furniture right? so i walked to decorative furnish (all i could think of) 


Mackenzie's P.O.V

i saw liam walk into a furniture shop what is that boy doing so i followed him he was buying blue wallpaper and black bed covers and some more furniture i hid behind a show case bed as liam walked past me i yelled"rawr!!!!" "GAHHH crhist mackenzie you scared me" he said shaking his head we walked out os the store and saw all the boys waiting for us i smirked as we walked out and drove home 

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