mackenzie's story

Mackenzie Keene is a 10 year old girl whose been in an adoption center for 1 year now but little does she expect a surprise

hey guys this is my first movella so no hate on it please


9. lazer tag & Canada

Harry's P.O.V

as we were driving  i herd mackenzie singing softly "and  the tears stream down my face" she sang. moments she was singing moments she stopped singing as soon as we pulled up to the building we walked into the building "harry, niall your on my team"liam said "so that meen's zayn and louis are on my team?" mackenzie said giving liam the are-you-serious look "yep now lets go get ready" liam said popping the 'p' "yay"i said sarcastically 


Louis's P.O.V

i'm on a team with that she devil "yes you are louweeeeeee" mackenzie said in my ear woops must of said that aloud so we got ready and the buzzer went it was pitch black crap i couldn't see any thing my eyes adjusted i saw mackenzie running around a corner then climbing up a ladder and once she got up there she shot liam , harry and niall one after the other "who did that?!"harry yelled "the magical monkey unicorn" mackenzie yelled back "you're sooo dead mackenzie "harry yelled "she climed down and stood infront harry "its on" she smirked then the lights cut off 


Harry's P.O.V

"its on" she smirked with that the lights cut off and her eyes started to glow amber?! holy crap i ran as fast as i could but she caught up to me my vest went of "pew pew i win" she said cockily when we saw the scores mackenzie hadn't been shot once but everyone else had hmm there's something wrong going on

- morning before leaving for Canada-

Mackenzie' P.O.V

"GUYSSSSSSSSSSSS WAKE UP WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN A FEW HOURS" harry yelled a vary of moans and groans came of people i got up and stopped at the top of the stairs remembering my arm of scars i ran to my room and got ready i changed into black  skinny jeans a red long sleeve top and electric blue vans i went down stairs i was the only one dressed  i'm guessing i got out my phone put my headphones in and started listening to bring me to life by evanescence but then was interrupted by a girlish scream i saw louis looking at my scars i pinned him down


Louis's P.O.V 

i let out a scream but she heard me she pinned me to the floor her eyes turning amber she let out a low growl before the boys came in "mackenzie what are you doing you-"liam said but then noticed her scars "w-what are they mackenzie" liam stammered whilst pointing to her scars "JUST LEAVE IT FOR FUCK SAKE !" she yelled and ran to her room i'm guessing to cut some more louis don't be a dick like that its just wrong to say that

-on privet jet-

Mackenzie's P.O.V

i was sitting alone just listening so evanescence when i saw zayn sit down beside me okay he never sat next to me EVER "you okay zayn?" i asked him "no Perrie broke up with me" he replied "i'm sorry" i said "it's okay mackenzie" he said and walked off as if nothing happened "attention passengers we are now arriving in Canada" i heard the flight captain say best buckle up

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