mackenzie's story

Mackenzie Keene is a 10 year old girl whose been in an adoption center for 1 year now but little does she expect a surprise

hey guys this is my first movella so no hate on it please


6. home

Mackenzie's P.O.V

"we're here!!!" liam yelled from the front seat of the car "yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!" i yelled back everyone in the car covered their ears i climbed out then i froze -flashback- "mummy noooo daddy " i yelled i was nine again they had been hit by a truck "please mummy daddy come back" i sobbed -end of flashback- tears were streaming down my face "kitty kitty are you okay your crying?" harry asked me "mummy come back please " i sobbed "whats wrong moozy" niall questionec me " m-my p-pp-parents w-were k-killed here" then burst into even more tears and ran int the house then went to my old room and sobbed "kitty are you okay?" harry asked "FUCK OFF HARRY" i yelled back 


Harry's P.O.V

whoa did she just swear at me okay just go in there and talk to her as i opened the door i saw mackenzie holding a razor to her wrist and eyes closed tightly ready to cut "BOYS GET HERE NOW!!"i yelled they all ran up stairs "wha- MACKENZIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" zayn yelled at mackenzie her eyes flew open "i-i can't do this any more zayn i can't live any more" she stammered and dug the razor into her arm "NOOOOOO!" we all yelled  "get her to a hospital " liam yelled at us  

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