mackenzie's story

Mackenzie Keene is a 10 year old girl whose been in an adoption center for 1 year now but little does she expect a surprise

hey guys this is my first movella so no hate on it please


10. Canada

(still) Mackenzie's P.O.V

yay Canada finally "you okay mackenzie?" harry said "yep" i said "cool let's go to our hotel" harry said -skip car ride- we're here i thought as i sat down on my bed i got changed and suck into my bed and fell asleep. 

"mackenzie wake up" niall said "what are you g- WHY THE HELL AM I IN ZAYNS ROOM!" i yelled "we wanted to see your reaction and boy your a heavy sleeper" harry smirked "GAAAA FULL MOON FULL MOON!" i yelled covering my eyes "woops" harry blushed and ran into the bathroom "so what we doin today" i asked still walking to my room "well as a birthday treat we thought you might want to do a scavenger hunt " niall said "okay" i said slamming my door on the're faces


Niall's P.O.V

oh my god this is going to be so funny we put mackenzie in a field full of elk and hid now she's taken off her blind fold she's loking around and does something no one expected.......


BOOM cliffhanger what will happen put what you think will happen in the comments section enjoy ;] 

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