mackenzie's story

Mackenzie Keene is a 10 year old girl whose been in an adoption center for 1 year now but little does she expect a surprise

hey guys this is my first movella so no hate on it please


11. a-a w-wolf?!

Louis's P.O.V

at first i thought she turned into something like a dog but then realized she turned into a wolf?! well this is news i looked at the boys yep same reaction as mine jaws wide open "w-what is that?" Niall whisper-yelled "a-a wolf i t-think " Harry stammered  i let out a scream but nothing came out Mackenzie looked at me in her wolf form then changed back blood around her mouth and a dead elk in front of her then she took off in a sprint we came out from the bushes and looked for her -five hours later- "we should just go back " Liam suggested "we should guys its 5:55pm she might be at the hotel" harry said "okay" me,Zayn and Niall said -skip car ride- "i'll check her room" i said "okay hopefully she's there" Liam said -at Mackenzie's room- "Mackenzie Mackenzie are you there?" i asked i heard a smash "that is it i'm coming in" i yelled i went in i saw glass everywhere her phone on the floor and a pissed off Mackenzie standing on her bed holding a blade and her hair was electric blue with black tips oh god she's only 13 and she's dyed her hair "WHAT!" she yelled at me.


Liam's P.O.V

i heard shouting coming from Mackenzie's room so i went to check it out i saw a frozen Louis and Mackenzie cutting her wrist "MACKENZIE!" i yelled as she fell to the floor "hel-p m-me" she stammered i ran to hold her Louis still frozen i started to cry "n-no Mac-kenzie come back please" i cried all the boys came in and hugged me was she alive or not? 

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