(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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All right reserved.


37. what? boyfriend?

Justin’s POV


‘Justin, JUSTIN, JUSTIN!!’

My eyes shot open and I sat up, dropping my sleeping Jess in the progress. I gasped as she felt around for something, with her eyes still closed. She grabbed hold of my hand and intertwined our fingers, snoring softly. I chuckled at her cuteness and rubbed my eyes, looking up at an angry Chris. I smirked and said

‘What do you want?!’

‘Um who is this?’

‘My girlfriend…’

‘Oh, is this your girlfriend for the week-’


He stood back a bit and sighed saying

‘Justin, it’s what you normally do…’

I groaned in annoyance and saw Jessica squirming slightly. She sat up and rubbed her eyes with the hand that wasn’t holding mine. She smiled at me and ran her hand though her hair, picking the grass out. I then realized that we fell asleep in the backyard.

She pulled her hand on her forehead and looked up at Chris, immediately frowning. I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, making her blush and smile. I heard Chris scowl in disgust and turn around, walking inside.

I rolled my eyes and turned to Jessica. She was playing with my fingers, brushing her finger-tips over my palm. I smiled at her and made her look at me. She smiled lightly at me and I leaned in and pecked her lips. I heard the back door slam and turned around.

Chris was standing on the other side, pointing his thumb behind him, indicating I should come inside. I looked at Jessica who shrugged and kissed me. I pulled away and stood up, brushing the grass off my clothes. She stood up to and said

‘Justin... I gotta go… see you at school…’

I shook my head

‘I can’t go to school remember… cops are after me…’

She giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck as I pulled her into me by the waist. I looked at her confused and she leaned in and whispered in my ear

‘Oh, how can I forget my bad boy, naughty me…’

She kissed my ear and down my jaw line, until she reached my lips. Her lips hovered over mine until she kissed me forcefully. I kissed her back for sure, and I shiver went down my back. Did she just…? I shrugged it off as she pulled out, giggling. I shook my head playfully as she hit my chest. I pretended to be in pain, fake crying. She giggled and said

‘Man up…’

I looked at her and pouted as I pulled her in and kissed her again. She kissed my nose and waved, before walking away from me. I sighed, turning around and walked to the back door. I walked to the living room and sat on the couch, were I saw Christopher.

He picked up the newspaper that was on the coffee table and said

‘What the hell is this?!?!’ pointing to the article with the headlines

BOY SHOOTS CAR REPEATEDLY with a picture of me next to it. I sigh and mumble

‘I can explain…’


Jessica’s POV


I walked into my house and saw Harry sitting on the couch sipping coffee with my mum beside him. I gasped at the sight of my mum and frowned as they turned around. My mum lowered her head and sighed. Harry’s eyes shot open and he stood up, approaching me. I backed away slightly and he said

‘Jessica Hillel, where were you last night!?’

I groaned and rolled my eyes. I mumbled

‘I was with my boyfriend…’

‘YOUR WHAT?!?!’ Harry screamed. Anger started rising in me, but I don’t want to yell at Harry. He always wins anyway.

‘My boyfriend.’ I said a bit louder. He growled and said

‘What that criminal Justin! I looked at that picture closely it was defiantly him!’


I yelled which just caused worse circumstances. His face was now red.


I knew exactly what he meant, who wouldn’t?

‘I wanted to see him and I fell asleep ok! We didn’t do anything!’

‘Yeah sure… you’re probably not a virgin either… am I right?’

I gasped at that statement and now my face was red.

‘So you’re not?’ I didn’t reply. He sighed and said

‘What? With Justin?’

I shook my head and he gasped. I bet if I looked up, his look would have killed me. I rushed past him and up the stairs to my room. I forgot all about mum being there actually, that’s probably why Harry gasped without his lips moving. I sighed and pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the time. 7:36. I better hurry up.

I pull on some high-waisted light denim jeans and a light pink crop-top. I pulled my long hair into a high poiny-tail and crimped a few sections of my hair. I pulled on a black leather jacket and black flats. I looked in the mirror and put on my make up. I twirled in front of the mirror and giggled. I took my phone and took a picture of myself and sent it to Justin. He replied almost immediately saying

- Baby, boy do I wish I can come to school to see your beautiful self. Love you babe x you look beautiful ;) -


I giggled and smiled, he’s so sweet. I walked downstairs and skipped breakfast, walking out the door and to school.

When I got there, I felt everyone’s eyes on me, for like the 100th time. I sighed and walked to my locker. I was greeted by Miss. Plastic and her posse. I rolled my eyes and looked at them. She smirked and looked me up and down. She laughed and said

‘Well, can you look even more like rubbish?’

‘Well yeah, I can look like you…’

With that she huffed, stomped her foot like a five year old and walked away.

I getting good at this, I don’t feel bad about myself anymore. After I went out with Justin, I guess I gained more confidence. I closed my locker and felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around and saw a boy with blonde hair put in a side fringe and dark brown eyes smiling at me. He was slightly taller then me and had a small smile on his face. I looked down and he said

‘Oh um sorry, I saw how you stood up to Dianna just then, and I think that was pretty cool. I haven’t seen you around… and I um was ah wondering if you wanted to hang out some time?’

I smiled at him and nodded

‘Yeah of course, and um im Jessica.’

‘Hi jess, im Christian, Christian beadles.’




HE’S SOOOO CUTEEEE, of course not as cute as Justin, but still….

Well maybe Jess has a new friend?

What will Justin think of this?

Why did Jessica’s mum disappear all of a sudden and then come back?

What happened to dean?

where's Ryan?

Found out the answer sooner or later…

Love you allll xxxxxxx


Stay swaggy ;)













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