(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

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27. 'what are you doing here?'

Jessica’s POV


I ran from his home again. He is playing me, he has to. I wish I didn’t develop this weak spot for Justin; every bone in my body wants me to turn around and hug Justin. But I have to be stronger than that. I turned a corner and saw my street name. I trudged to my front door and unlocked the door with my house key. I shuffled upstairs to my room. I heard sobbing from downstairs. I turned around and saw Harry curled up on the couch, yet again crying. My head then whipped to the door at the end of the stairs I was on, which was being pounded on. The person started yelling, and with that I knew exactly who it was.


 I gasped and looked over at Harry. He hasn’t budged, so it looks like I have to get the door before I have to buy a new one. I ran down and cautiously opened the door. I saw Justin on his knees in front of the door weeping lightly. I sighed and said

‘What do you want you player?’

Justin’s head shot up, allowing me to see his bloodshot eyes. He jumped up off his knees and moved towards me, wrapping me in his arms. I tried to pull back, but his hug was so tight. I gave in, and hugged him back, listening to him sob in my shoulder. He finally allowed me to pull back as I looked in his eyes. He bowed his head and said

‘She’s not right jess, I may have a history in playing, but I want to erase it. I guess it’s not as easy as Google…’

I giggled at his cheesy line as he looked up. He lightly smiled and kissed me on the cheek. I wiped my cheek with the back of my hand and he pouted. I smiled and said

‘I guess I shouldn’t jump to conclusions… but promise me you’re not playing me, and that you’ve changed?’

‘Of course baby…’

He hugged me, as I hugged him in the doorway of my front door.


Justin’s POV


She pulled out of the hug and pulled her thumb to my cheek, wiping away the tears. I never cry, but like I always say, what this girl does to me is unbelievable. I smile at her and she says

‘So we are just going to stand in this doorway?’

I shake my head and say

‘No I-’

But I got cut off by my phone buzzing in my front pocket. I sigh and pull it out. It reads:

-Justin come home right now! Mum-

Oh gosh… I look at Jessica and she says

‘Who’s that?’

‘My mum… she wants me home…’

She nods, understandably and kisses me on the mouth. I smile into the kiss and pull out. She sighs and bites her lip. She waves as I begin to walk home.


Jessica’s POV


I closed the door and walked to the living room, where Harry was sitting. I sat next to him and said

‘Harry what’s wrong? Is it Veronica…?’

He shook his head and faced me. His eyes were just like Justin’s, blood shot.

He sniffed and choked out

‘I-I’m sorry f-for t-the outb-burst I had t-this morning, I-im not f-feeling the best…’

I nodded and whispered

‘But what’s wrong Harry?’

He unfolded his legs and looked at me. I waited for an answer until he finally said

‘Roxanne’s pregnant…’



Sure I was in complete shock at first, but my jaw being dropped turned into a loving smile. A hugged him and muffled into his shirt

‘Harry that’s great! Plus, im going to be an aunty!’

He faintly laughed as I let go of him. I immediately frowned and said

‘But what’s wrong with that?’

‘Well, im not sure if im ready… what if I turn out to be a terrible father? What if Roxanne doesn’t want a baby… its just ahh…’ he screamed the last bit in frustration.

I hugged him quickly and said

‘Harry, first off your 22, good age to have a baby. Secondly, you will make an excellent father. And thirdly, you and Roxanne love each other. She must have to want this baby!?’

He nodded and hugged me, planting a soft kiss on my cheek.

‘Thank you jess, you really are the best little sis ever.’

And with that he got up and walked upstairs. Im on a roll today.



Ryan’s POV


I pushed the street directory down and turned the last left. I drove down the street until I saw the house. I sighed in relief and turned off my car, hopping out and onto the lawn. I paced up to the ebony black front door and knocked on it. A curvy figure with piercing green eyes opened the door.

‘Ryan? What are you doing here?’

This is exactly who I want…




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Who is Ryan seeing?

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