(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All right reserved.


12. well duh?

Jessica’s POV


I woke up, but in complete darkness. I just got out of darkness to just discover a new one? A hear a husky cough and turn my head to where I thought it was coming from. A figure stands up from the desk chair and comes towards me. I shuffle towards the edge of the bed to be as far away as possible from this person. I hear a hoarse laugh and a voice

‘Nothing to be afraid of Jessica, it’s me, Bieber.’ Oh him, the bully-drug dealer. I lean against the bed head and feel a shooting pain in my wrists. I wince and Justin comes out of the shadows, looking at me with the moon’s rays from the broken shutters revealing his face. I pull my knees up to my face and lean my chin on my knees. He comes and sits on the bottom of the bed and I whisper

‘Why Bieber?’ he shrugs his shoulders ‘coz I had to.’

Pathetic, what kind of answer was that? I laugh and confusion covers his face.

I just shake my head and the tension around the room, becomes a little umm less tense. He stands up and walks out the door, leaving me to sit on his bed hopelessly.


Justin’s POV


I walk downstairs to see Chris sitting on the couch eating a bad of chips. I snatch the bag of chips away and he mutes the TV.

‘What do you want Justin?’ I sigh and yell ‘I want to know what to do with Jessica!’ he gives me a weird look and says

‘Who’s Jessica?’ I growl and say ‘the girl in my room you idiot!’

He shrugs his shoulders, ‘I told you, she’s your problem.’

I scowl in his face and run upstairs to see the brunette twirling her hair. I roll my eyes and say ‘well my stupid brother wont tell me what to do with you so I’m just going to let you go, if-‘

She cuts me off ‘if what?’

I continue ‘if you don’t tell anyone about the things you’ve seen today.’

She nods and mumbles ‘I have no one to tell anyway.’

For some reason I began to feel guilty. See I have my brother and friends and mum, she- she has no one. Her brother is always out, her mum works and her only friend left her. Well I shouldn’t feel anything for the rubbish sitting on my bed, but for some confusing and strange reason, I do.  She picks herself up and walks out my door and down the stairs. I hear her mumble ‘thanks a lot Bieber.’ I soon after I hear the front door opening and shutting. I walk downstairs and look at the big clock we have on the living room wall, 1:30am. I sit next to my brother and he says ‘what was that?’ I ask ‘what was what?’

‘You just let her go?’ “Well duh’ I replied and just walked back to my room, I have no time for his ah um trash ;). It’s late so I just go to sleep. 


Jessica’s POV


As soon as I walked out the door, bad luck struck me again, it started raining. I pulled my hood over my head and walked down the street, not knowing where I’m going. I sit on the sidewalk and just watch the casual car drive by. Its dark, raining and cold, this cannot get any better. I stand up and walk a bit more until I finally see a familiar street name. I walk down the street and see my house at last. I look at the driveway and see my brother’s car is gone. I still remember how harry just left me. He didn’t even bother to find me! Some brother…

I walk in and run up stair immediately jumping into the shower. My cuts stung but I just wanted to be clean. I finished and changed into something comfy also bandaging up my cuts. I turned the heater on in my room and snuggled into my bed, turning my TV on. A few good shows were on, so I just watched them. I’m really hungry. I know its really late or early in the morning, however you want to put it, and I’m really tired but I’m just really hungry. I run downstairs and scan the fridge to find something half descent. Pick out what I want, and a few minutes later, I finish eating and hop into bed. Before I could turn the TV off, I was already out.

( here you go, enjoy xx)

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