(1) Why Do You Do This? - Completed {In editing}

Jessica has never been good with making friends with girls, let alone making friend at all. But what happens, when the person she least likely expects to care for her, does?

Copyright © 2013 by Love_Kidrauhl
All right reserved.


11. useless brother

‘How did you afford this?’ I gasped in amazement.

‘Well it’s really none of your business.’ He spits. Well feisty are we?

I roll my eyes; I have no time for this. He gets out of the car and I slowly follow him. If I run he will find me. A guy with dark-brown hair and greenish eyes approaches us. He gives Justin a glare and pulls his ear, making him go inside. He turns to me and says ‘you don’t go anywhere.’ I sigh and cross my arms over my chest.


Justin’s POV


Chris’s eyes became dark, really dark. If looks could kill I would be long gone. I rub the ear he pulled on really hard.

‘I ask you to do one simple job and you bring a girl here! Justin I’m not in the mood for your stupid games and I’m certainly not in the mood for your attitude. So just give me a simple explanation.’  He scowls in my face. I step back a bit and whisper ‘she was with this guy and they witnessed everything so I came here to ask you what to do with her.’ He nodded thoughtfully.

‘Well, we’ll have to keep her here, do you know her?’ I nod.

‘I kind of bully her at school’ I mumbled. He sighs and turns to the door dragging Jessica in. He pushes her into his bedroom and says ‘just one simple job’ under his breath. I breathe out heavily and go to my room. I don’t really want to be apart of all this but I guess I have to. I scream fills my ears and I shoot up, what is he doing to her? I run to his bedroom door and hear him talking to her.


Jessica’s POV


‘My useless brother couldn’t do one job right, so blame him for the reason you’re tied up here.’

Justin’s brother grabbed a rope and tied me to a chair. Wow, Justin is a school bully and by the event I saw earlier, a drug-dealer. Justin’s brother muffled my words with a cloth and I smelt something weird on it. With in two seconds I was out…


Justin’s POV


Chris opens his bedroom door, the one I was now leaning on and I feel forward. He rolls his eyes and says

‘She’s out; I put some stuff on the thing I used to cover her mouth. Put her on your bed, she’s your problem.’

He barged past me and I saw her tied to a chair. Her head had no support and he wrists and ankles had cuts on them from the rope. I untied her and picked her up putting her on top of the sheets on my bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and thought, now I'm stuffed up.

( a small treat for my readers. just a short chapter but yeah. THANK YOU PEEPS! LOL byaaaaa ;) xx )

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